This method is proven to be effective. Young people deserve a different criminal code than adults because they are in the course of developing emotionally, physically and mentally therefore they do not fully comprehend the consequences of their actions. The YJCA gives reasonable punishments to youth, enough for a youth to understand that they will face consequences for their actions. I agree they are in need of turning around pushing ppl away from drugs or doing bad things. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. But the younger people are when they first break the law, the more likely they are to break the law again Statistics Canada study,

Young people are still in the process of forming their views. Also I think that like a slap on the wrist or being grounded isn’t enough they should go to court or jail depends how bad what they did is. But the younger people are when they first break the law, the more likely they are to break the law again Statistics Canada study, I think that this is a good system for the young offenders. Since the YCJA is fair for most things, and punishments, I think that it is good, but needs a bit of tweking.

So i think the consequences need to be a little more harsh to teach them that breaking the law isn’t supposed to fun. Equitqble man y people often state that consequences need to be more severed. Therefore i am basicly for both sides.

The YCJA: Thoughts and Reflections

Showing that a slap on the wrist isn’t always eauitable. But I also think that they should do less discipline because some people over do it.

Cause if they don’t find the punishment harsh they will just equutable it again and not care. In aboriginal people go more punishment then non-aboriginal young offenders, for commitin he same crime!


If we don’t, in a way it’s like saying “I’ll see you next week to clean my garage! Haven’t found the Essay You Want? Rehab I think is really good, because when someone has done essaay really bad, like drugs for example, rehab helps them through it.

I believe that the YCJA is not too harsh and that it is harsh enough, unlike many others. I think that the YCJA is great for giving youth a second chance, or an opportunity to turn their lives around without immediate jail sentence, but in terms of equality I’m not sure it’s fair. Consumerism and Quality of Life 8: My second point is that they may be punished fairly. For instance, if you don’t notice your friend take a chocolate bar at the grocery store and you guys don’t pay for it, then leave the store but, as your walking out you guys get caught then you get blamed when you didn’t even do the crime.

Is Canada’s Youth Justice System Fair and Equitable Essay

This way can steer them clear from the life of crime and promote the long term protection of the esssy. I vair that youths are punished too harshly. I feel there needs to be more of a grey area where punishment extends on either side. This would help make the entire YCJA more fair and effective for the youth that impacted by it.

They should be taught about the punishment they will recive.

Since youth are in the process of forming their views, they tend to be more malleable. How About Make It Original?

ycja fair equitable essay

He will go through ” counselling” and then will pick up trash. If the youths punishments were to be increased, many more youth would realize the trouble they could be in for continuing similar actions.


I would have to disagree, if you just walked into a store and stole a candy bar, even though it’s only something deliciously small, if u got caught that would be known as a crime, not a very big one no doubt, but still a crime because u stole, so having to do community service would be a good punishment, considering you did something wrong, and you have to learn from that, that’s not harsh, that’s life.

It is because of this, that I think it is decent, but really good for reintegrated into society.

ycja fair equitable essay

I think that the punishment isn’t harsh enough on young offenders because they should get in more trouble to teach them a lesson. If you take a look at the facts, the rate of criminal activity is going down, and the severity of the offences are going down as well.

Basically it looks at all the reason why the youth might have committed the crime and tries to resolve them. If they do it once I’m ycjw they’ll do it again sometime.

Is Canada’s Youth Justice System Fair and Equitable Essay Example | Graduateway

They will change there life around. This essxy easy to see the reasoning. Young offenders should also know when there doing something wrong. After they have served their respective punishment, they are more susceptible to offend again.

Youth are commonly given a very minimal punishment and avoid any major or long term impacts.

ycja fair equitable essay

So perhaps repeat affenders should be punished more harshly than first time affenders.