Career coaches and assessments. Apply to graduate Convocation. What could make this page better? Using the templates gives you a great starting point for almost any project. The types of material which may be contained in an appendix are: You might be interested in Support.

You might be interested in Support. These workshops are delivered from September to March. Apply to graduate Convocation. Exact deadlines are listed in the academic calendar. Each thesis is required to contain a concluding section that relates the individual manuscripts, and the conclusions drawn in those manuscripts, to the overarching goal of the thesis.

Specifically, it needs to be clear to the reader how each manuscript included in the thesis contributes to the overall objectives of the thesis outlined in the abstract and introduction, and should tie each manuscript to the overall aims of the research project.

It is important to observe the deadlines for final submission of defense and program completion documentation to be eligible to graduate. The main point to keep in mind is to have consistency of form and style throughout the thesis.

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Departments and disciplines usually have a preference for the way in which references are cited. Ordinary rules of referencing and footnoting apply.

usask thesis template

The introduction should establish the central aim and themes of the research and explain how these are addressed in the various manuscripts making up the thesis. Apply to graduate Make sure your personal info is up-to-date and prepare for convocation order gown and tickets, etc.

usask thesis template

The following format is suggested:. To guidance received by the author from his or her supervisor and Advisory Committee members; To any uxask assistance received to carry out the project; To any extraordinary assistance received by the student, for example in word processing, data collection, data analysis, and so on. There can be alternate ways in which to revise a manuscript that is presented as a chapter within a thesis. If a figure shows more than one relationship, each relationship should be uassk labelled with the appropriate axis.


The following are usxsk to act as guidelines for minimum requirements in the creation of a manuscript-style thesis. The types of material which may be contained in an appendix are:.

Such revisions must be approved by the supervisor and Advisory Committee. The department’s notification will indicate the definitive title of the thesis and will suggest names of proposed external examiners, with appropriate biographical information. Manuscript s Each usaask should have its own templage. There may be cases when the student, supervisor s and other research collaborators are co-owners of the intellectual property presented within the thesis, and they may also be co-authors of the manuscript s.

As the thesis needs to be a single body of work, there needs to be some content of the thesis that fhesis with the thesis as a whole and unifies it into a single document. The format of the manuscript would normally include a brief introduction and statement of the research problem; synthesis of the literature; description of research methods and study area if applicable ; analysis, and presentation and discussion of results.

Manuscript-Style Theses and Dissertations. Spring and summer classes Get ahead in your degree.

Body of the Thesis. Endnotes should appear at the end of each chapter. Page numbering should be centered at bottom, with lower case Roman numerals used for the prefatory templat.


Chapters of the thesis need to be numbered sequentially. Preparation of the Approved All revisions required in the thesis must be made and approved before final preparation of uzask volume begins.

The manuscript itself may be revised, or an addendum explaining the modifications may be inserted within the thesis. The title of each chapter or section may be written in full capitals with no terminal punctuation.

It is in the body of the thesis that the author presents and develops in an orderly fashion all relevant aspects of the research project for which the degree is to be granted. Prior to preparing the thesis, all associated individuals should understand their respective obligations related to data confidentiality if applicablecopyright, and authorship.

Manuscript length may vary and is at the discretion of the Advisory Committee, although the intent is to emulate the norms of publication or presentation in the discipline.

Chapter titles and section subheadings may be bolded or have a different-sized text font either 12pt or 14pt. It is the responsibility of the student and any co-authors of material included in the thesis to obtain from all copyright holders written permission to include copyrighted material in the thesis.

The department’s notification will indicate the definitive title of the thesis and will suggest names of proposed external examiners, with appropriate biographical information.

A direct quotation of less than three lines may be incorporated into the text using quotation marks.