In such cases, a student needs to receive at least a Good recommendation from the co-advisors based upon both the thesis or comparable creative effort and the comprehensive thesis examination. So, if you plan to graduate in May or August , you would submit your prospectus no later than March 11, Laura Damuth working with a student on a fellowship application. Earning Honors Credit E very Honors student is required to complete 24 hours of Honors credit by time of graduation. Student Year Prior to Graduation 1.

The exact nature of the exam is determined by the major department. The Comprehensive Thesis Examination. To be eligible for Highest Distinction, a student: Printable version of Honors Requirements Learn more about our requirements. The finished thesis and signed Thesis Completion form are due to the Honors Program office by the following dates:. The finished thesis and signed Thesis Completion form are due to the Honors Program office by the following dates: To make an appointment, please call or email fellowships unl.

Maintain enrollment at UNL as a full-time student take and pass at least 12 credit hours, 9 of which are graded, each fall and spring prspectus Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.

thesis prospectus unl

In short, the effort must have a significant scholarly component, but it need not be in the format of a formal thesis. The average thessis spends about a year from project inception to completion, although you may certainly invest more time and some projects can be successfully completed in a little less than a year.

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Written for doctoral and master’s degree students enrolled in on-campus programs and students pursuing accelerated and online-based degree programs, this book demystifies the seemingly daunting process.


The Thesis Prospectus form is due to Honors midway through your sixth semester in Honors, per the dates in the chart to the right. This newly updated guide describes how to manage the dissertation or thesis process in two semesters or less. Student Year Prior to Graduation 1.

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Co-Advisors Year Prior to Graduation 1. The workshops cover a variety of topics, and are mixed between content provided by Honors faculty and staff, and content provided by campus partners.

thesis prospectus unl

To determine the level of distinction, the committee uses the cumulative grade point average based on all credit hours taken at UNL prior to the beginning of the term in which the student receives their degree. Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: Honors students also have access to the Honors advising and all Honors administrators for help with Honors requirements. Honors Advising Academic Advising Dr.

Ghesis, it is possible for a student to have a GPA above the cutoff point and still not receive a recommendation porspectus distinction. To be eligible for Highest Distinction, a student: Incomplete coursework and classes from the current term are not included in the determination of level of distinction.

These materials must include:. Students should arrange with the co-advisors to take the comprehensive examination at a mutually agreed time before the college deadline. Fellowship advising is available to high-ability students who will be competitive for many nationally prestigious awards.

This book contains six chapters: View and register for upcoming workshops. T he Fellowships office is located in Love Library.


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Expected scope of the creative project will vary by discipline, but exceeds simply an undergraduate senior show or recital. The booklets are designed to help students understand the context of their course work; the need to take an active role in shaping their studies; and the importance of thinking ahead about the components of the dissertation and the quality of scholarship they will need to demonstrate.

Requirements To remain in good standing in the University Honors Program, students must meet the following requirements: Semester of Orospectus 1. Contracts posted on or before this date; cancellation requests may begin July Samantha Lunde, graduating senior, introducing faculty mentor Emily Kazyak at annual Honors graduation reception.

You may pick up a copy of this timeline with a blank version for you and your faculty mentor to complete in the Honors Office or download here. Recommendations for degrees with distinction are made by the Committee on Academic Distinction and Awards for Students. One advisor must be from the College of Arts and Sciences. Twenty Workdays to Go!

Updates to this edition include an update to the length of graduate studies and technological advantages now available to graduate students. Learn more about Honors Academic Advising. Every student is assigned an academic advisor in their college or major upon matriculation.