Newer Post Older Post Home. This example unlike her first was better stated so that the audience would feel a sense of remorse for the death of an innocent human being. The Americas are Indian country, and the “Indian problem” is not about to go away. They were dark young men, Indian and mestizo; they were smiling and a few of them waved at us in our cars. When you do not use ethos, pathos, and logos properly together it makes the audience very hard to be able to relate and side with the topic at hand.

They were dark young men, Indian and mestizo; they were smiling and a few of them waved at us in our cars. The Indian people of southern Mexico, of Guatemala , and those left in El Salvador , too, are still fighting for their lives and for their land against the cavalry patrols sent out by the governments of those lands. So we stepped out of the car and they motioned for us to stand on the shoulder of the road. Unfortunately, what happened to me is an everyday occurrence here now. Newer Post Older Post Home. If you have any problems with writing, feel free to ask our writers for help!

Newer Post Older Post Home. When I was around 12 years old I remember watching a movie about a young women who gave up all of her money to try and come to America and seeing her struggle to cross the dessert and she was abused by men and used as a drug mule, only thd be caught by border patrol and be taken back to her country.

There was an awful feeling of menace and violence straining to break loose. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the indigenous communities throughout this region not only conducted commerce; the people shared cosmologies, and oral narratives about the Maize Mother, the Twin Brothers, leslle their grandmother, Spider Woman, as well as Quetzalcoatl, the benevolent snake.


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Throughout Silko’s essay she successfully uses ethos, pathos, and logos they just do not flow and support one another but instead contradict each other. Her only flaws were when she included the stories which do not have and credibility of basis for the audience to look into. Silko and her companion Gus were traveling south from Albuqurgue when they were stopped by the border patrol. Silko did a great job in appealing to the emotions of the reader.

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Border Patrol, National Nightmare? Silko comes from Native American Descent so in her culture it is not unusual to have abnormal relation with animals. The great human migration within the Americas cannot be stopped; human beings are natural forces of the earth, just as rivers and winds are natural forces. We’ve a mountain of personal experiences like that that never make the newspapers.

One evening at sundown, we were stopped in traffic at a railroad crossing in downtown Tucson while a freight train passed us, slowly gaining speed as it headed north to Phoenix. We will write a custom essay sample on.

English Silko Essay

Our cousin old Bill Pratt used to ride his horse miles overland from Laguna, New Mexico, to PrescottArizona, every summer to work as a amrmon lookout. They half-dragged her up into the trunk, but still she did not indicate any stowed-away human beings or illegal drugs.

the border patrol state leslie marmon silko essay

Her background has affected the way she perceives reality. Border entrepreneurs have already used blowtorches to cut passageways through the fence to collect “tolls” and are doing a brisk business. I definitely would not have had as many amazing opportunities that I have now.


After they satisfied themselves that he was not smuggling Chinese immigrants, they sent him on his way. Newer Post Older Post Home.

the border patrol state leslie marmon silko essay

I will never forget that night beside the highway. She presented identification and an explanation deemed suitable by the agents and was allowed to go about her business.

The roadblocks and checkpoints she describes are still up, doing a thriving business. They wanted to make sure I knew how incredibly lucky I am and that there are people literally dying to have what I have. The dog’s handler jerked the leash sharply as she sniffed us, as if to make her perform better, but the dog refused to accuse us; she had an innate dignity that did not permit her to serve the murderous impulses of those men. IT IS NO use; borders haven’t worked, and they won’t work, not now, as the indigenous people of the Americas reassert their kinship and solidarity with one another.

A limited time offer! Border Patrol State Silko Essay Welcome border patrol state silko essay To border patrol state silko essay barsaat ke mausam essay in urdu. When I sat up, I saw the headlights and emergency flashers of six vehicles– Border Patrol cars and a van were blocking both lanes of the highway. A mass migration is already under way; its roots are not simply economic.

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