There needs to be critical engagement and the tutor needs to see you know what you are talking about. So to read how someone of the people posting here about how they should be ‘obviously’ picked over everyone else with a lower grade is actually not nice And no that’s not to say that ‘try-hards’ or ‘nerds’ don’t have their value because they do. I eventually decided to give myself a go at Self Employment and was very good at it. As a third-year undergrad with a pretty good predicted course mark, I still felt that many jobs that I would be able to do well at were off-limits to me after I failed some of the tests, which tend to have skewed benchmarks and little relevance to the actual job eg.

I got what I deserved, and I was happy with it because it was fair. Does anyone know what I can do to get a job or even an internship to improve my skills. I’m sorry but the truth hurts. Why would you want to put such a negative opinion on here? Uni is a different experience for everyone while some people discover their academic abilities other very intelligent people fall through the cracks due to low attendance, poor study skills or perhaps just because they have to work part time. University degrees are no longer enough to get any job straight away. I wouldn’t change any of what I’ve done for the world and I feel so grateful that I haven’t done what every Tom, Dick and Harry did after school and be a good boy and get a first because as we know now in the current climate even a first degree won’t guarantee anything!

As mentioned by James 7 November It is not fair that the company would expect the graduates to already have so much experience of doing this and doing that when all we’re actually trying to do is get a good degree to be able to find work.


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If It means working in a bar or cafe for a few months then do it. I am in the annoying position of having over points and a 2.

Try to have a nice family, have fun, save a little money. At the end of the day someone with a 1: I am not your receiipt age student whos in their twentys. Stating a minimum degree classification is just one way of keeping application numbers manageable. Now we may all have a degree but i am still in somewhat envy of this amazing person. They are not saying they are morally superior or better than people who have 2: Employers want experience more than anything as they don’t want to waste time training academics.

Get me in an exam hall, i fall apart and im lucky i can get a C. You just need to know someone in that company a big fish who can hire you. Penguin Canada US English: Don’t worry I do understand they have these systems in place so as to limit the amount of applications they receive to a manageable level but I just don’t think human beings are so easily ‘rated’ or pigeon holed! Went for loads of interviews and I believe it is always coursewoork to have a 2.

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It doesn’t matter where you graduated from, being snobbish about what Institution you studied at is bordering on pathetic. And the subject matter for a degree matters. Thanks for being so understanding and competent.

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Applying blindly to hundreds of graduate schemes is not likely to get you far. We have a full schedule of events all across the U.

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I worked extremely hard in university, Coursesork had to pay my own way so worked 20 hours a week and played rugby giving me a great opportunity to network. I am in a similar situation and if one of the preliminary questions is ‘do you have a 2: The woirst thing employers can see on your CV is a gap in your career.


Not true, most of the people I rsceipt who got firsts had plenty of life experiences.

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A student writing an Expository Essay may choose to write about: We use only anonymous names. Also it is common knowledge that different tutors mark differently, tutors helped other individuals more than they should, therefore does this show that everyone on a level playing field?

You see a lot of students on ciursework other hand who stay in bed all day, don’t put enough effort into their ‘full time’ studies and then expect to get a job after. Coming ithe job market during a recession like this will most likely set you back 10 years.

I don’t even know for sure what you mean by “superior”. I work for a large worldwide known engineering company and i know people with 2.

John stopped the car and the girl ran to him. All those graduates with 1st and 2: Considering my IQ is I can confirm that I’m not an idiot or thick as some of those on here who got a 1st are implying. Nowhere did I say that anyone was more “intelligent” than anybody else, or say that I could take any subject and get a first; I only ever pointed out that hard work is much more important than “intelligence”.

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