Thank you so much! This site uses cookies. If anything, answer the question and keep going. EST I received my semifinalist status. Then, I turned these bullet points into cohesive paragraphs, which I put together and edited. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Do read your essay multiple times!

I had hit a wall. In order to be selected as a member, all students are required to go through an interview process you see where I’m going with this? First impressions are everything. Most of the questions seemed to be the same throughout the country. Make sure you can elaborate on the essays you wrote and here are some other resources to prep: The finished product is a picture that has your name all over it, most importantly, and portrays an individual that is completely competent and able to study abroad, as well as easy to live with.

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But, if you are a semi-finalist, go you! Do you need help? Most nsi-y go with a dress shirt and tie or a dress, depending on your preferences. Consider how everyone is specifically applying to study abroad and intensively study a foreign language.

nsli-y essay tips

A more gips answer that I thought of literally months after the interview is: Dont focus on using an extreme attention getter, use those words to talk about you.

I mentioned my desire to help alleviate the Eastern European stereotypes that are prevalent in our world today, and my academic rigor and achievements.

Part One: Applying to NSLI-Y

Fortunately, the computer decided to spare me from my impending misery, and submitted my application at precisely 3: After re-reading my now proofed essays once again, I turned to my Speech and Debate Coach, who also happened to teach A. She lived north of Detroit about an hour and a half from my house. The extended length of the Self Introduction essay is due to the exorbitant amount of questions around 10 that you are required to answer within the letter.


If you become a semi-finalist, you will be contacted to take an interview with a local volunteer. Since they are asking a lot from you, and you only get words to express esaay, you should prioritize the traits, experiences, and activities that make you a good candidate for NSLI-Y. Take a deep breath!

So what are your hobbies? Feel free to PM me on Facebook or email me at shraddha.

nsli-y essay tips

While all of this was happening to me, I was changing into my tennis outfit for my first outdoor practice of the year. To find out more, including tpis to control cookies, see here: I actually created a Facebook account specifically for this purpose. The groups are filled with applicants who share your worries and passion for NSLI-Y, and it helps you keep in the loop. Being surrounded by such brilliant people has inspired me to reconsider what I consider to be possible by someone my age.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Have several people read over your essays Writing the application essays felt somewhat personal to me, so I totally nxli-y apprehension towards showing it to people and receiving potentially negative feedback.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: My parents were very opposed to me putting Arabic Year as my second choice and said if I received it they would make me reject it.

My interviewers I had two were so kind and explained that they needed to fill out some documents on my responses. Thank you so much for your kind and humble advice! Do you mind looking over mine? I talk more about how getting the notification goes down wayyyy down at the end of this page. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Any pointers for the interview? Our tension and nervousness was mutual, and in the end, it was a broken conversation about a Bollywood actor that broke the ice. See attached PDF regarding your application status.

I sounded so robotic and dry in my explanations. That they will be able to describe you and be able tps talk about your good characteristics. If you have any questions just leave a comment!