Mishra, P Thermo-hydrodynamics of pulsating laminar flow in a microtube: Samantaray, Devadutta and Pattnaik, Debasmita and Sahu, Bonani Microcontroller based implementation of a fuzzy knowledge based controller. B , Pavan Kumar Designing an equalizer structure using gradient descent algorithms. Dash, Anil Kumar Large amplitude free vibration Analysis of composite plates by finite element method. Dutta, Debeshi Development of a personalized wireless attender calling system for critical patient management. Dikshit, Vishwesh Development of compact copper-stainless steel heat exchanger using diffusing bonding techniques.

Nag, Soumyakant Evaluation of dragline mining in Indian coal mines. Lipsita, S fabrication of electrospun dicalcium phosphate anhydrous and chitosan based scaffolds. Das, Sidharth and Baskey, Biram Baburay Design of an embedded system for the detection of tsunami. Gayen , Debabrata Finite element based vibration and stability analysis of functionally graded rotating shaft system under thermal environment. Moharana, Madhusmita Mapping of structures and properties evolved during sono-electroplating of nickel thin films. Khatoon, Bushra Numerical Study of Droplets: Mohanty, A Influence of CVD multilayer coating on machinability characteristics of aerospace grade stainless steel.

ManoharSunil Dynamic Obstacle Detection. Singh, Manish Suitability study of ripper-dozer combination in Indian mines. Veluri, Gangadhar Rub-impact analysis in rotor dynamic systems. Mullick, Urmi Simultaneous removal of chromium and sulphate from tannery waste using microbes. Jain, Reliance Study of SG iron and its tribological behaviour.

Chak, Parul Fixing up links in social network based on Content Matching. Pilla, Smita Priyadarshini An investigation on the interaction between Hsp90 and p53 in breast cancer: Mishra, Debashis Modeling of breakdown voltage of solid insulating material using artificial neural network. Singh, K Specially treated graphite fortified alumina- silicon carbide- carbon refractories: Balasankula, Praneeth Kumar Comparison of damping on various joint structures.


Das, Ritesh Rorkela Geo-engineering properties of fly ash.

nit rourkela mining thesis

Abhishek, Sonu Processing, characterization and mechanical behavior of coir fiber reinforced epoxy Composites. Jena, Sucharita Design of a PC rourksla wireless door security system. Parashar, Rlurkela Removal of Malachite Green dye by adsorption using char.

Kumar, Akash Kinetics studies in synthesis of dibenzyl sulphide in liquid-liquid-solid mode. Pradhan, Subhashree Production and characterization of Activated Carbon produced from a suitable Industrial sludge. Mitra, S Preparation and characterization of Cu-Cr impregnated silica catalyst from rice husk.

Bapna, Deependra Intrusion detection system for wireless sensor network. Bothra, A Preparation and characterization of poly vinyl alcohol – gelatin- carboxy methyl chitosan polymer films. Panigrahi, Bibhu Prasad and Pradhan, Abhijit Modern methods for power system harmonics estimation.

nit rourkela mining thesis

rourkelx Nautiyal, Tbesis Effect of overloading and band overloading on fatigue crack growth of aluminum alloy -T PanigrahiAsis and MohantyMonalisha Effect of substarte parasitics on heterojunction bipolar transistors. YadavSunil Energy from municipal waste using a gasifier. Styline and Singh, Keshav Kumar Desigin of wireless weather monitoring system.

Kumar, Dablu Ranjan Design of an infra-red optocoupler based mobility aid for the blinds. Mohanty, Reema Modelling of a PV array and short time prediction of solar insolation.


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Kumar, Sri Ankit Dragline performance study in indian coal mines. Ray, Anuj Kumar Synthesis and characterization of BaTio3 powder prepared by combustion synthesis process. Garg, Sushil Development of a self balanced robot and its controller.

nit rourkela mining thesis

G, Venkata RamaKrishna Torque mininy reduction in direct torque controlled induction motor drive by using fuzzy controller. Sahoo, S Study on the effect of the effect of different raw materials sources on spinelization and densification of MgO-Al2O3 spinel. Kumar, Suman and PaniAshadeep Hardness, tensile and wear behaviour of a nonconventional austenitic stainless steel upon sensitization.

Thampithurai, Sapeethaa Modeling of partial discharge in transformer windings and its detection.

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PatraPratik Development of methology for seismic design of concrete gravity dam. An in silico approach. Agrawal, Harshit Modeling of opencast mines using Surpac and its optimization. Khatoon, Bushra Numerical Study of Droplets: