Thousands of people were made homeless. L’Aquila and Kashmir – Natural hazards. Residents did not have to pay taxes during Sign up to Comment. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

L’Aquila Earthquake Case Study. The main shock happened in the early hours of the morning at 3. The earthquake, magnitude 5. Some effects of the earthquake occurred later and indirectly as a result of the initial earthquake itself. On 6 April , a magnitude 6. Fires in some collapsed buildings caused more damage. The site is self-funded and your support is really appreciated.

Money was provided by the government to pay rent, and gas and electricity bills were suspended. The secondary effects included aftershocks triggering landslides and rockfalls, causing damage to housing and transport. Students were given free public transport, discounts on educational equipment and were exempt from university fees for three laquilaa. Sign up to Comment. Causes Movement along a crack in the plate at a destructive margin.

Around 65, people were made homeless. A landslide and mudflow were caused by a burst main water supply pipeline near the town of Paganio. There had been several thousand foreshocks and aftershocks since Decembermore than thirty of which had a Richter magnitude greater than 3. However, the US’ donations to help rebuild infrastructure were accepted.

Homes took several years to rebuild and historic centres are expected to take approximately 15 years to rebuild. Take a look at our new resources in the shop Dismiss. Residents did not have to pay taxes during An investigation is going to look into why the modern buildings weren’t built to withstand earthquakes.


For those made casr, hotels provided shelter for 10, people and 40, tents were given out.

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On 6 Aprila magnitude 6. They each received six years in prison and were ordered to pay several million euros in damages.

laquila earthquake case study gcse

Lzquila you’ve found the resources on this page useful please consider making a secure donation via PayPal to support the development of the site. Pin It on Pinterest. Some effects of the earthquake occurred later and indirectly as a result of the initial earthquake itself. As Italy is a country of long history, many buildings held cultural and historical importance and repairs to them cost large amounts of money, while at the same time the economic stability of the area was compromised as tourists deemed the area unsafe and were scared out of going.

Overall summary Camps were set up for homeless people with water, food and medical care.

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Dust and heavy particles remained in the air for a long time afterwards, causing respiratory problems. Thousands of buildings were damaged or destroyed. Twenty of the victims were children.


Camps were set up for homeless people with water, food and medical care. Typhoon Haiyan Case Study. The Italian Post Office offered free mobile calls, raised donations and gave free delivery for products sold aerthquake small businesses. Ambulances, fire engines and the army were sent in to rescue survivors.

Aquila Earthquake, 2009

However, even some buildings deemed earthquake proof were damaged or even collapsed. However, in Novemberthe verdict was overturned for the six scientists. The prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, reportedly offered some of his homes as temporary shelters.

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laquila earthquake case study gcse

Fallen masonry resulted in many streets being blocked. The Italian Prime Minister promised to build a new town to replace L’Aquila as the capital of the area.