Physical review letters, 95 1: Our proof relies on cone programming, a natural generalisation of semidefinite programming. A 84, , Optimal bounds for parity-oblivious random access codes with applications [ pdf ]. Quantum Computation and Complexity Theory:

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We use the semidefinite programming SDP formulation of sikorq strategies along the lines of Kitaev to analyze the structure of the protocols. Indeed, there are striking differences between linear programming and semidefinite programming as there are between classical and quantum computation.

jamie sikora thesis

Lee and John H. Quantum commitments from complexity assumptions [ pdf ].

How to make unforgeable money in generalised probabilistic theories – Quantum

Of course, “physically impossible” is dependent on the theory that is a faithful description of nature. The American Mathematical Monthly, 77 4: Lower bounds on information complexity via zero-communication protocols and applications [ pdf ].


Exponential separation of quantum and classical one-way communication complexity [ pdf ] Ziv Bar-Yossef, T. jammie

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jamie sikora thesis

We design a computational optimization approach to search for the best protocol based on the semidefinite programming formulations of cheating slkora. Their power and their problems.

Jamie Sikora

PhD thesis, Imperial College London, An operational approach to quantum probability. Reliable experimental quantification of bipartite entanglement without reference frames [ pdf ]. Using this protocol filter and symmetry arguments, we perform searches in a matter of days that would have otherwise taken millions of years. In some sense, the notion of point games is dual to the notion of protocols.

Jamie Sikora | Perimeter Institute

Benjamin, New York, Quantum money with classical verification. Physical Review A, Experimental plug and play quantum coin flipping [ pdf ]. Linear conic formulations for two-party correlations and values of nonlocal games. We first examine a family of coin-flipping protocols.

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How to make unforgeable money in generalised probabilistic theories

A quantum protocol for sampling correlated equilibria unconditionally and without a mediator [ pdf ]. Ultimate data hiding in quantum mechanics and beyond. Umesh Vazirani – Learning with Errors is easy with quantum samples [ pdf ]. Most coin-flipping protocols with more than three rounds have eluded direct analysis. Helvetia Physica Acta, We discuss the possibility of creating money that is physically impossible to counterfeit.

First, it allows one to model cheating probabilities using a simpler class of optimization problems known as second-order cone programs SOCPs. Cambridge University Press, Two-prover one-round proof systems: