I feel extremely grateful to have seen the day of my UPSC result. Preferably an academic writer, or anyone closer to academics writing. Flavido is one of the best online coaching portal in India which provides study material that is best for UPSC Examination. The mistake I had made was that I had written my essay in a manner that was extremely straightforward and quite imbalanced. See if you have missed any point. Make a rough structure before you start writing.

Learn from your mistakes. The structure you make must be kept flexible to accommodate any fresh points that come to your mind while writing the essay. You can buy blank UPSC-like answer booklets from the market. Then you can upload. The way I used to study was: Create your website at WordPress. I tried but found that it was simply not possible to revise all of that and hence unwillingly stuck to my notes only while being fully aware that they were not exhaustive.

The SK Kapoor book I used is the bulky one, and not the concise one. Essay is the one paper where you can truly demonstrate your values, beliefs and thoughts to the examiner.

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Language- Use simple language. Before you start fompilation, spend a minimum of 10 minutes per essay for brainstorming ideas. Even for my optional, no notes were made. Every other candidate would have joined a test series for their optional subject, and you should not put yourself at a disadvantage by not having any prior answer writing practice.

Gear yourself for upcoming UPSC EXAMS with the relevant academic study collection through our website where you will get not only study material and not just hand-written insightsoninria but printed books too.

insightsonindia essay compilation

Previous Post The Journey Begins. First of all i would like to tell u that u r my inspiration…mam u were doing editorial analysis also from insightindia. For this purpose, I used a book by Ambition Law Institute which has a topic-wise collection of all previous year questions.


Forum IAS This option too contains many sun options where students can go and study some options to study like 9am brief description, Daily quiz compilation, Editorial Today Compilation, Facts in news and Prelims test series.

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Get your daily writing reviewed by a credible source and know where you are making mistakes, your language could be anything; English or Hindi, but it should completely express your points. You can buy blank UPSC-like answer booklets from the market. I relied on my notes from my constitutional law classes in college, and brushed it up with the following sources:.

For successive revisions, I did not read the entire document again but kept marking the stuff that I found difficult to retain highlight the text in yellow on word doc and hence time for subsequent revisions came down.

I would read a topic thoroughly, and then I would read questions asked in the previous years from that topic. Making your language too flowery has no relation with using complicated words. From the exam point of view, however, not all articles are important. Rewrite it, fix it.

insightsonindia essay compilation

Since this content was picked from their current affairs portion itself, there was nothing new here but only repackaging of content this was more conciseand hence no new effort needed. It also was quite heavy on the legal points, which made it not so pleasant for a non-lawyer to read. Seize this opportunity well.

Once you have written your answer, Compare it with the answers of other aspirants posted on the website- it gives you a rough idea of the competition. Email required Address never made public.


Notify me of new comments via email. I started studying for the optional only after prelims exam in Junebut I believe that was possible only because I had comprehensive notes with me from my college time for bulky insiightsonindia such as IPC and Constitutional Law.

You can very well do the insighysonindia thing by regularly practicing your writing and getting it checked by a literature graduate, or anyone who has an excellent command on English academic writing. In answering this, you should tackle the situation by taking care of the citizens suffering due to the protests.

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So, do not take this as a document which you take to read, remember and reproduce in the examination. Answered Jan 15, We are not discouraging from reading the magazines itself. I am trying to find my test series answer booklets, and will share model answers with you as soon as I can in a separate blog post. Hello Mam, how are you?

Hello mam, Ive heard people saying Indian Express newspaper is easy, simple and better when compared to The Hindu… Ive gone through hindu for a month, insightsonjndia im a slow learner it took me more time to understand the context and follow the content.

It should not seem that the conclusion is something that you can copy-paste in any essay.