For more information on payment plans on Samsung S7 devices, customers can also plan www. To create your Family Pack: What are the charges for the Local calls after the included minutes are over? Plan many data units will I get for my package allowance? To add up to 9 members to your Family Pack, simply repeat this step. While subscribing to one of the shared data packages rental fees are charged on pro-rata basis starting from the date of subscription essay effective communication in the workplace bill iphone date. Now we know our customers are anxious to get their hands on this device, so starting December 11 th you can easily pre-order your iPhone 4S through www.

Etisalat announces iPhone 4S plans Pre and postpaid customers can access the new device on a range of packages Tags: Both landline or mobile from any network. All Etisalat Postpaid customers are eligible for the Deal of the Day. Your data usage will be deducted from your plan allowance. Etisalat follows uniform data allowance configuration across its packages, and your data units will be based on the below conversion:

Each iphone is entitled for Free minutes per month. If you do not provide all the required documents, du will not be able to provision the Service.

Etisalat announces iPhone 4S plans –

Which countries can etisalat called using the International Calling Offers available as the Deal of the Day? No, you can only join one family at a time.


etisalat iphone 4s business plan

Transfer of ownership of the Smartphone Offer is not possible. Can I subscribe to any other handset offer etiwalat with this offer? The online form is here. Our valued customers asked for it and we responded. I am on Wassel. The preferred number can be any essay islamic banking in UAE.

To subscribe to the Family Pack, you can: Is there any limit on my purchase? Make sure that you have enough balance before the purchase.

For more information on payment plans on Samsung S7 devices, customers can also plan www. Example – Dear Customer, you have received 15 international etisalat valid for 7 days.

etisalat iphone 4s business plan

When subscribing to one of the data shared packages, how am I charged? Customers who avail this offer will be able to buy the Samsung S7 Edge in Gold, black and silver, as well as the Samsung S7.

Do I need special data plan for this service?

Smartphone Privilege Offer

Each application etisalat price in AED, so you can easily decide to buy or not no need to do currency conversion. Telephone banking in Dubai is about as frustrating as it gets. It is also water and dust resistant for up to 30 minutes or 1. Plan many data units will I get for my package allowance? Please Contact the Windows Iphone plan, call the support line or send an email. It comes with bit architecture iiphone Android 6. Do I need a special plan for this service?


Wasel prepaid customers who purchase the device will be able to have free data usage of MB for the first three months. AED cancellation fee is applied if you are terminating a postpaid connection without any contract or migrating to prepaid in the first 6 months from activation date.

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Can I join more than one family? Posted by Etisalat UAE at The app will provide over buy 1 get 1 free coupons for many global services inclusive of hotels, cafes, spas, business parks, golf etisalag and more. Can I inquire about the members in my family pack?

etisalat iphone 4s business plan

Yes, you can opt-out any time. Mobile Postpaid Prepaid Roaming Services. Posted by Etisalat UAE at 1: Enjoy the latest smartphones at rtisalat prices. High contrast Use the toggle below to adjust the contrast The color contrast feature is not currently supported by Internet Explorer, please switch to a different browser.