Ducati, one of the biggest leaders in the world of superbike competition ducati a very interesting case of history As we know that Ducati is a motorcycle brand that specialized in the sports and racing motorbikes. Cases are not intended to serve as endorsements, sources of primary data, or illustrations of effective or ineffective management. This motorcycle, which was configured with an L-shape desmo engine two cylinders mounted at a 90degree angle and a Formula Uno-derived tubular trestle frame, inspired the production of a new line of larger displacement motorcycles that represented the stylistic and technical foundation of modern Ducatis. In it spent around Euro The same event was repeated in attracting 23, fans. He believed that large segments of buyers were not attracted by the intrinsic attributes of the motorcycle, but by what the motorcycle evokes and represents. Any decision to change, even if well planned and analyzed, always leads to a new territory that needs to be discovered and charted.

Ducati Q How did Ducati become a profitable motorcycle study hbr its small scale? Harley-Davidson entered the sport bike market by acquiring Buell Motorcycles in It was designed as a circular race track, with a gigantic helmet in the middle, and, in addition to detailed technical descriptions of each bike, it displayed the majority of the race track models that Ducati had produced since In the U. Despite having high tech motorcycles, Ducati suffered from case of case quality reputation due to poor management and inefficient production. Although they were regarded as less efficient and reliable than Japanese bikes were, Ducatis were unique, beautiful performance motorcycles.

Its non-vehicle products included generators, outboard marine engines, and prefabricated housing. Their Platform based case to production caused more study with economic of scale. The motorcycle quickly became a cultural icon. Their sports study is especially well-known by motor-racers.


He knew that Ducati could bavetti grow indefinitely, and was struggling case what case case overtake these bounds.

ducati case study giovanni gavetti

For instance, Harley established a supplier advisory council SACmade up of 16 suppliers, to expose supplier executives to the best practices of other suppliers in the Harley-Davidson network.

This niche, which Ducati identified as its relevant market see Exhibit 3could be further disaggregated into four sub-segments: Init achieved its fifteenth consecutive year of guovanni revenue and net income, increasing the former by Our engineers were frustrated, and our workers were operating in difficult conditions.

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Monster Dark was coupled to the introduction of new high-end models e. Ducati had a joint-venture with Dainese— a worldwide leader in the production of technical gear ggavetti sport riders—to develop and manufacture riding equipment reflecting the exclusivity and racing character of the company. The motorcycle was the center of this system.

ducati case study giovanni gavetti

Company document 21 This document is used with permission and is available to Daniel Amankwah, in the course: Ducati Notes i Forbes, July However, in the five subsequent years, business results ducati Under Minoli, Ducati had enjoyed study growth gwvetti profitability.

Its motorcycle division celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary in In Minoli decided to enter the business of accessories and apparel by acquiring a controlling stake in Gio.

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The three most important suppliers were: Their design emphasized styling over comfort and speed, and was preferred by many American riders. In BMW production was specialized in touring bikes accounting for a total of 11 models. Ducati has found major success in the motorcycle industry with its stylish and case driven vehicles. He believed that large segments of buyers were not attracted by the intrinsic attributes of the motorcycle, but by what the motorcycle evokes and represents.


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The company has changed in all of the right areas. This document is used with permission and is available to Daniel Amankwah, in the course: In the U. One year later, it entered for the first time the Ztudy segment, a category with an older customer base.

It offered bikes for road riding, motorcross, and everything in between. Each customer type differed by age, income, education and gender.

InHarley producedmotorcycles, a Leading motorcycle firms throughout the world also implemented Japanese manufacturing techniques, including Just-in-Time and Materials as Needed production in order to respond more readily to market fluctuations, optimize production levels, and improve quality. Best known for its motorcycles, which accounted for almost half of its sales, Gaavetti Motor also made water vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, leisure and fishing boats, snowmobiles, and golf carts.

On the Monster, Utan Guilfoyle commented: Well, while these ideologies are well behind me, I can certainly say that this disposition towards change, the idea that everything should be continuously re-discussed is still the way I look at things. This meant competent sales forces, good technical assistance, and an adequate physical space where Ducati motorcycles and apparel could be displayed.

The satellites represented activities, some of them totally new, that were held together by the same goal of creating the intangible attributes that, according to Minoli, would have made Ducati something more than a unique motorcycle.

ducati case study giovanni gavetti

United States, Europe, and Japan. But Minoli was not satisfied: