Weak positive linear correlation. No, because females are frequently involved in charity work. Find the indicated z-scores shown in the graph. A determine the of classes B estimate the frequency of the class with the least frequency. Match the plot with a possible description of the sample.

Is the value a parameter or a statistic? The per capita consumption of red meat by people in a country in a recent year was normally distributed, with a mean of pounds and a standard deviation of Determine whether the underlined numerical value is a parameter or a statistic. How many codes are possible? Include an explanation regarding how you determined your sample sizes….

Choose a statement below. Is the variable qualitative or quantitative? Yes, because females are frequently involved in charity work.

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The height that represents the homeworm quartile is inches. Find the indicated probability using the standard normal distribution. The probability that the study participant wfek at random is less than 67 inches tall is Round to four decimal places as needed b.

With the given confidence, it can be said that the sample proportion of males ages who say they have gone to the dentist in the past year is between the endpoints of the given confidence interval. Use a comma to separate answers as needed.


The port has facilities to handle up to 18 oil tankers in a day. Choose the correct answer below…. One of greatest baseball hitters of all time has a career batting average of…. Use the Venn diagram to identify the population and the sample.

devry math 221 week 7 homework

What is seen in the stem and leaf plot for the money variable include the shape? Again, you would need to use a calculator to subtract this and add this to the mean to find the actual confidence interval. Use the standard normal table to find the z-score that corresponds to the cumulative area 0. If convenient, use technology to construct the confidence intervals. Assume that the population of lengths is normally distributed.

All answers should be complete sentences. Yes, because no females are frequently involved in charity work. Choose the correct answer: Use the frequency distribution to construct a deevry distribution. What is seen in the histogram created for the heights of students in this class include the shape? Perform the indicated calculation.

In the table, include edvry, relative frequencies, and cumulative frequencies. What is the most common color of car for students who participated in this survey?


devry math 221 week 7 homework

Students in an experimental psychology class did research on depression as a sign of stress. The standard deviation and variance can never be negative. Round to four decimal places as needed b. Find the mean of the homeworm distribution. Determine whether or not the histogram indicates that a normal distribution could be used as a model for the variable.

Briefly explain how you obtained your answers.

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Find the probability that you a make your first sale on the fifth call, b make your sale on the 1 st2 ndor wewk rd call, and c do not make a sale on the first 3 calls. Answer the following questions about the specified normal distribution. The histogram is bell-shaped, so a normal distribution could be used as a model for the variable. Do NOT answer these questions.