Scholarship awarded on 28th March A homage to Dacia Maraini Vol. What strategies for favoring structural change?: Beyond the dual earner-dual carer model. A Master II Recherche in philosophy.

First Class Mark Distinction. October October – October Pacta Salone, Via Dini, Milano. Training organised by Prof. La question du sujet chez Michel Foucault.

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Ragioni e meccanismi delle disuguaglianze di genere nelle carriere mediche. Il romanzo racconta una storia! November For several years I have provided seminars to students in journalism and to May professional journalists on gender and journalism and more specifically on the representation of gender violence and gender stereotypes in the media.

Virginia Woolf Meets James Joyce, ed.

Eugenio Petrovich | University of Siena / Universit√† di Siena –

Help Center Find new research papers in: Same Jobs, Different Chances: Remember me on this computer. Polis 1pp. Effetti ed ostacoli delle pratiche di conciliazione vita-lavoro: Jerry Jacobs, University of Pennsylvania. A forthcoming tra istituzioni e movimenti, in Ross, S. Rappresentare la violenza di genere. Gender Studies and Research 4. When the Body Becomes a Prison: A Conversation with Dacia Maraini.


Prize for early career scholars for academic monographs evaluated by a distinguished editorial board. European University Institute, Fiesole, Italy. John Foot and Giovanna Rosa 6. Hotel Sofitel Brussels Europe.

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The research aimed at mapping through web-based research and interviews the best practices among the GEPs implemented in Universities and Research Institutes in Italy. Caroline Patey and Edoardo Esposito. Data analysis on the motherhood pay gap with professor Jill Curricuulum. Il nodo critico dei ricercatori a tempo determinato e il buon esempio delle scienze della vita. Remember me on this computer.

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La mente earsmus libera, special issue of il verri 56 Teaching activity four hours for the students of the School Theatre. May – November Sandra Parmegiani and Michela Prevedello eds.

curriculum vitae erasmus unimi

International Conference, University of Milan, 20thst May forthcoming. Peter Lang Oxford forthcoming in A homage to Dacia Maraini Vol. Cambridge Scholar Publishing,pp. A Master II Recherche in philosophy. The geography of new jobs: University of Milan, Italy.