Has anyone successfully completed Harvard CS homework 3? Course Policies Getting Help For questions about homework, course content, package installation, JupyterHub, and after you have tried to troubleshoot yourselves, the process to get help is: You can use this LaTex template custom made for CS problem sets. An online LaTeX editor and compiler is available at www. The latest material for Spring can be found at https: Studying for the GRE?

Problem Set 2 it out. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3pm to 4: Go to Office Hours , this is the best way to get help. We released the practice final solutions. It covers counting and core probability. It is shorter than normal but the last problem asks you to calculate probabilities of survival on the Titanic from data. CS Data Science cs

The course focuses on the nomework of messy, real life data to perform predictions using statistical and machine learning methods. We want to make the review session as helpful as possible for you!

Quizzes will be taken at the end of class and the material will be based on what was discussed in lecture. Attendance to lectures is mandatory. From what I saw on edx, it’s a completely different course. We released the practice final solutions. We will allocate points on each assignment for proper tagging of problems in Gradescope, i.

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How do I access the problem sets from Harvard CS? Bomework for students with disabilities Students needing academic adjustments or accommodations because of a documented disability must present their Faculty Letter from the Accessible Education Office AEO and speak with Kevin by the end of the third week of the term: Submission will be online — more instructions coming soon.


Has anyone successfully completed Harvard CS homework 3? Is this Harvard course cs still valid with recent developments? This is a link which provide psets, if that helps:. It was a good run. You can find up to date information about the datasets here. Post the question in Piazza and hopefully your peers will answer. Answered Oct 11, Communication from Staff to Students Class announcements and official communication from staff will be through Canvas.

cs109 homework 2015

However if you feel that your assignment was not fairly graded you may: We will use a small amount of student feedback to deduce fine-grained information on how the class is going. I took this class last year some variations, less material covered more deeply and it was a great survey course for someone who had programming experience but was lacking in stats and ML background!

Problem Set 2 it out. No official communication or announcements will be done via Piazza. We also put together a notation reference handout so you can figure out what to google if you see a math symbol you don’t recognize.


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Check them all out on the new Video Example resource page. Approximately how much time did doing Harvards CS take, especially for people who did ho,ework online on their own? If you exceed your 6 late days, 1 point will be deducted for late days after that. An article from the New York Times discusses the increasing importance of statistics in computing.

cs109 homework 2015

Not sure if this is what you are looking for: I haven’t looked at the homeworks closely since I 2105 on sabbatical last year, but I think they are also public and would also provide very useful additional practice. Attendance to labs is optional but strongly encouraged. This is a link which provide psets, if that helps: Try our GRE prep free trial!

cs109 homework 2015

Did you take B, the second semester course? Solutions will be released during the review session on Thursday. Contact the grader by emailing the helpline with subject line “Regrade HW1: