One of the great things about an L-1 Visa is that you are also allowed to bring over your spouse and any children that you have. L1A and L1B visas are a great domestic employment option for those that can get it. The duties and responsibilities should be laid out clearly. We take our business very seriously because we understand the life-changing effects that our clients go through in relocating to another country. After reading your plan, the immigration officers at the USCIS should have no questions regarding the nature of your business, your competitiveness in the industry markets, or how your transferee fits into the plan. However, depending on the type of business visa that you are seeking for either yourself as a business owner, manager, or executive or one of your employees, you may be required to provide further information, such as an L1 visa business plan. A diagram can be very helpful.

Some of the information that is included in your detailed page business plan from JDC Consultancy includes:. The idea behind the business plan is to get it right the first time. Your employer will also need to prove that the branch or affiliate, whether it is new or previously established, has the potential for growth that will allow the USCIS to project a positive impact on the U. Obtaining a visa is often a long process that requires applicants to adhere to strict requirements. Proof of a rented or bought physical premises for the U.

Consider it a bonus.

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Have you been working abroad for at least one continuous year within the past 3 years? How Our Immigration Attorneys Can Help If you are interested in petitioning busuness an L1 visa, then the only thing more important than having a solid L1 business plan is having an experienced immigration lawyer helping you.

It was a great experience working with Jason. It la1 also help you to source the different forms of evidence you may need to offer up, along with the completed business plan. What does that mean?


This is a chance to really show how the knowledge is specialized and cannot be easily replicated or replaced.

business plan for l1a visa

Since our inception inwe have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, startups and small to midsize businesses across a wide variety of industries and have written over U. Understand the Market Or rather, have the immigration officer understand the market. Using our fulfillment example again — the business location should have adequate assembly, storage, and shipping space for bksiness construction and delivery of physical goods.

These employees can be managersexecutives, or employees with specialized knowledge. Once your professional plan writer gets started, you will then have the knowledge and the evidence to answer any queries vissa have. Here is a quick list of the required documentation for your business plan:.

If the L1A manager will be spending time with executive team as well as employee development — this should be clear. Having a detailed competitor analysis report can show the USCIS that you are a serious company plxn is willing to put the effort necessary to succeed.

If you and your employer qualify according to these guidelines, then the most difficult aspect will most likely be proving that your position falls under the USCIS regulations for either a manager, executive, or specialized employee this last position being the most difficult to prove and therefore resulting in the most denials.

Although the Executive Summary does not go into great tactical detail, it is an important strategic statement for the intentions of the business and the critical role of the petitioner. This can easily be shown using a short paragraph and a simple graphic that demonstrates the ownership hierarchy as well as the internal structure of your company.

For example, if you have a web marketing business, then it would be bisa to highlight some of the specifics that go into this business such as content creation, analytics, and research.

If the petitioner does not manage staff and does not possess specialized knowledge, then it is critically important to show that their function is mostly autonomous with a major impact on the business.


Therefore, it is important to present a practical growth business plan. Partly because it is briefly touched upon or omitted in many other types of business plans, this is the opportunity to really back up the visa petition.

Feedback from USCIS has also highlighted the need to see how the petitioner would spend their day, week and year. The result speaks for it the best, I am very happy!

L1 Visa Business Plan

If you are interested in petitioning for an L1 visa, then the only bysiness more important than having a solid L1 business plan is having an experienced immigration lawyer helping you. The petitioner must also demonstrate that his unique work experience is critical for the ongoing operations of the company.

Your spouse will be granted an L-2 visa, allowing them to work for any company in the United States. The duties and responsibilities should be laid out clearly. Home L1 Visa Business Bueiness.

Like many different types of visas offered by the U. The idea behind the business fog is to get it right the first time. An educational background is not enough to support the application. L1A and L1B visas are a great domestic employment option for those that can get it.

business plan for l1a visa

Documents that support your business whether it is a corporation or an LLC. A department manager may manage a dozen or more employees of the company, or a contract manager may manage contractor relations that are vital to the business. Ofr reading through example business plans others have prepared, you can then prepare yourself for the types of questions you will need to answer, and the information you will need to provide.