Whilst her mother continues to symbolise absence and the tug of her Irish roots, Eilis also forges a homely relationship with Tony Fiorello and his surrogate family that will only ever be a substitute. She ultimately deals with homesickness as she does with most problems when they do not resolve themselves or are not resolved by another: As always, Eilis manages to put the final consequences of her choice out of her mind too. Toibin exploits this by giving us so little of Eilis besides her seeming pliability. Values can differ from one society to another — some as a matter of emphasis, other differ radically. It was not just that she had no friends and family; it was rather that she was a ghost in this room, in the streets on the way to work, on the shop floor. No products in the cart.

Is your view of the character diminished as a result? She longs for her Irish home and the familiar. And this is the solution with which Eilis is all too comfortable. Consider the following questions and record your thoughts making sure to support your answers with close reference to the text. Miss McAdam, another lodger, sits Eilis down and gives her an alternate explanation for Eilis ending in the room. When Eilis and Tony first meet, she seems more interested in him as an escape from her troublesome housemates than as a genuine romantic interest. My teacher told us to try and use one in each paragraph at the very least – you could use these as evidence, and they’d take your writing to a different level.

brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

I am aiming for a 41 raw in English. Toibin efficiently tells the story of Eilis Lacey, a young woman from the Irish countryside, as she matures from girl to woman. Contrastingly, on the positive side, Eilis has inherited the personal strength from her mother, and her pride and dignity prompt her return.

Good intro – maybe you could suggest the fact that Eilis’ sense of identity in Brooklyn is never solidified due to her time there being interrupted by her return to Ireland a little earlier in the paragraph, Then you could go on to saying basically what you’ve said here – that, despite this, she experiences and begins to integrate herself into the Brooklyn way of life, ect basically it’ll just mean that you have a clear link to the question at the end of the intro – the question focuses on what assists her in regaining a sense of identity, not whether she does.


However, the author will not suggest that all of these viewpoints are equally valid, or that the author shares the values expressed by every character. What does the title tell us about the significance of place in this text?

Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Write paragraph responses to each of the following questions. This allows the reader to respond to a text by relating it to his or her own perspectives and life experience, even when the text describes events in the distant past or very different cultural mores. Nothing about her feelings suggests that her marriage to Tony will be fulfilling to brkoklyn.

Construction of a sophisticated interpretation which demonstrates an understanding of ways in which the text is open to different interpretations by different readers.

brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

Otibin suggests that the migrant experience will always be characterised by a sense of underlying loss as well as opportunity. Is your view of the character diminished as a result?

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And Miss Heffernan is in a terrible state. The rooms in the house on Friary Street belonged to her, she thought; when she moved in them she was really there.

brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

She has an exterior confidence and a quiet sense of exoticism that set her apart owing to distance and difference — a difference that was also foreshadowed by Georgina on the initial journey to Brooklyn.

She and Tony are secretly married just before she goes back to Ireland. There is a particularly telling scene, after Tony has told her he loves her but before she has reciprocated, in which she watches Tony: Kehoe had genuinely given her the room out of pure generosity and unlikely also that Miss McAdam and the others really did not mind this and had merely wanted to warn her about the man who had followed Miss Keegan so that she would be careful.

And this is the problem with Eilis. But she stopped herself.

Furthermore, Tony and his family offer her the chance to start anew in America. Something Rose might have done. All content has been written by Dr Jennifer Minter. And Diana has refused to stay in the basement on her own. Even before her fate is decided, by Father Flood, an Irish priest who has emigrated to the United States, and by her sister, Rose and mother, Mrs Lacey, Eilis is aware that something is not quite right in her home town, Enniscorthy.


[English] Text Response – Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn essay marking please? 🙂

Eilis simply goes along to avoid unpleasantness. I think you’re writing style is quite good – it’s not overly simplistic, and if you feel it is, just try learning a few descriptive words, synonyms, ect. Is the purpose important or meaningful?

She wondered if it was an act, but he was looking at her with an expression so vulnerable that she, for a second, could not make her mind up what to do. How does Eilis react to the divisions among Europeans immigrants from different countries, as well as those between white and black Americans?

She realized that, if she refused, he essxy walk alone down to the water like someone defeated; somehow she did not want to have to witness that. In narrative texts, characters embody values through their thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and actions. Do you see her primarily as a career-motivated woman, or as a wife and mother? The protagonist and the main characters are carefully crafted by the author so that the reader is able to discern the underlying motivations for their behaviour.

It occurred to her that he was as he appeared to her; there was no other side to him. The motivation and impetus to emigrate to Brooklyn quietly overtakes Eilis as a foregone conclusion, arranged by others, and in response to her circumstances.

Perhaps, though, it is also her sense of difference that now attracts him to Eilis, brookklyn which his desire and commitment may be reduced.