Email required Address never made public. That to me meant that there were so many things that the city has to offer. Write them below each drawing. Then, in small groups, share your drawings and respond to the questions your teacher poses. Be sure to label your responses with the question numbers.

You may need to make some inferences. Throughout the passage he gave many examples of everything in his surroundings that gave us a brief description f what LA had to offer. He also used culture to differentiate the differences in voice. I believe Lyers opinion on the Los Angeles International Airport as a junction for colliding worlds was amusing to him because he described it as a new live. He elaborated on a location that he was familiar with, and through his experiences he was able to interpret the discreet physical cues that immigrants give upon their arrival. Which means the airport made him comfortable. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

How would it be wherf if told from another point of view or perspective? You are commenting using your Google account. The essay starts out with a description of what foreigners experience when they first arrive to Los Angeles International Airport.

How does point of view affect meaning? By Raghad Oxforddil and Ahmed M.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

Notify me of followup comments collids e-mail. Pico Iyer later mentions that people come to Los Angeles for three main reasons: The overall ideas about life and society that the author used in this passage was that theres so much more to life that people dont take the time to see and analyze.

Pico Iyer “Where World’s Collide” Reading Response

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: However, it was the opposite, just as Iyers essay, nothing was as I expected, I was exposed to many different types of people from various economic backgrounds from just being in the airport for pifo few minutes. Pages Home Register your Accoount.


where worlds collide pico iyer essay

They both tend to be artificial, yet self-sufficient worlds of their own. Iyer’s opinion about lax was as a junction of colliding worlds because of all the different cultures and going to different areas of LA. His point ipco view affects the meaning because he himself can look at the other travelers and see what they have on, how they look, and even what they are doing.

Critics describe his writing style as both ironic and culturally sensitive. Collice text can contain more than one theme. Lyer used the term “they” over and over in the opening of the passage to convey that he was directing it towards the other travelers. I thought this was interesting as it makes me appreciate the idea that being in different airports around the world, I am able to grasp the different cities and cultures by just being in the airport, which is pretty cool Iyer mentions many ironies through a few juxtapositions in the airport.

Or, the writer may use several parallel themes.

Period 2: Pico Iyer’s “Where Worlds Collide”

The atmosphere of this passage was nonetheless, happiness, joy, curiosity, and excitement. Jack Eccleston May 21, at 6: The comparison that Lyer used in the passage was located in the first paragraph were he said ” They come outblinking, into the bleached forgetful sunshine, with dodgers caps and rodeo drive t-shirts”.


Can you find some specific details and clues that make the essay seem exciting? I agree with this comment because i believe that a persons first expectation of traveling will be enjoyable and relaxing.

Where Worlds Collide Presentation by TheDarkKnight on Prezi

Why does he dssay to draw our attention to this? Notify me of new comments via email. Iyer later discusses his own personal experience with LAX and how it has affected his life.

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What does he say about these people? I think that the travelers expectations are different from what reality was because throughout the passage there was a lot going on there as well as overpriced food and busy lines.

You have pointed out the difference between the “blue skies and palm trees” they were expecting and the reality they see instead. Pico indirectly encourages people to just sit at airports and observe to learn about all the different cultures.

If it was told from another person or perspective they would describe specifically what they see and how they feel. On one hand, we see the prejudice against Mexicans, and on the other we see Ethiopians, despite extreme cultural animosity, working along with the Tigre. Be sure to label your responses with the question numbers.