Abstudy payments are available to masters and doctoral students. Wherever possible, journal publications should be pursued. You will need to apply for an IPRS through the university you are applying for admission. A number of scholarship schemes provide additional benefits and allowances to cover a variety of costs associated with undertaking a higher degree by research. If you are unable to complete the course within your allowable time, and have not been affected by circumstances beyond your control, you may still be able to receive Youth Allowance. Any coursework component of an honours year will differ depending on university. Each participating country has a list of priority areas for awarding scholarships.

Supervisory teams submit an expression of interest for specific research projects within the nine strategic research areas. UNSW may pay a relocation allowance to scholarship holders who: Tenure is 3 years for a PhD and 2 years for a master by research, with a possible a 6-month extension for PhD students. Honours program and admissions procedures for: Payments are different if you have children, share with others or are in a relationship. If you have previously received the Start-up scholarship then you will continue to do so until the end of your degree without having to pay it back.

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This claim form is available on the Aallowance, Procedures and Policies page. If the HDC believes that your thesis is not ready for submission, they will determine what remedial action needs to be taken. Send us an email or contact Arc Reception to book an appointment with us.

The payment does not assist with your daily trips to and from university each day.

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Stronger winds could trigger rapid change in Southern Ocean. As part of the Scholarship, candidates will be expected to engage in professional and career development.


Candidates should retain copies of all documents for their own records as required, as submitted documents will not be returned.

Eligibility for Youth Allowance is dependent upon a number of factors: If you would like to engage the services of a professional editor, you should discuss this with your supervisor. Moved in with a partner? Ask for your matter to be examined by an Authorised Review Officer. Orientation to manufacturing opportunities. Payment rates as of January 1 If you are: Please be aware that PRSS funding can be paid only once in rhesis candidature and is not available for Masters candidates, or for travel to conferences taking place in Australia allowancr New Zealand.

It must be noted that it is a principle of the University that a thesis produced under a research higher degree program should be publicly available. PhD Scholarship Guidelines for Applicants.

Please do not email all researchers in the centre, contact only those whose areas of research interest you. A number of scholarship schemes provide allowances for various costs. PRSS applications are processed in the order that they are received. Recipients of the above scholarships may be entitled to a contribution to the costs associated with relocating themselves, their spouse and dependents to UNSW.

Click here for more contact information. Claims must be made within six 6 months of the commencement of the scholarship. Sickness Allowance is not a long-term payment; rather it is paid for temporary illness or incapacity. For more information, please visit Additional Benefits and Allowances.


In particular, we aim to increase the intake and retention of Indigenous candidates, and will reserve at least five scholarships each for Indigenous research candidates. This person is a senior staff member who has had no previous contact with your case.

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An excellent honours degree may also meet one of the minimum requirements for admission to a PhD. However, in exceptional circumstances a candidate who demonstrates outstanding research skills allowajce request submission of the thesis earlier than these times.

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So while you can unw, be aware that if you extend your studies beyond the ‘allowable’ time, you might not be eligible for Centrelink for the whole duration of your studies.

The thesis allowance can only be claimed on submission of the thesis. You can use the online rate estimator to calculate your approximate potential payment at www. Your scholarship may become taxable if: What Can I Apply For?

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You will be required to satisfy the conditions before a full offer is issued. You do not need to undertake your honours year at the same university where you completed your 3-year degree.

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Soil emissions increase nitrogen oxide in lower atmosphere Stronger winds could trigger rapid change in Southern Ocean. In addition to these requirements, it is important to consider how the presentation of your work affects the communication of your research and the coherence thesus your argument.