The sections you need to complete for each student are highlighted. Wellbeing Resources for Staff. Book a Meeting Room. Email must be sent after the csv with marks and timestamp have been uploaded this is so the system can automatically read when the work was actually submitted. Most prefer single-sided work, as it easier to mark.

International Students Advice and Support. If your submission is on Blackboard, add a note left hand side of submission screen saying you have an SpLD sticker. Learning and Teaching Service. Provisional marks are published on your e: Hub staff are available between 8am and 6pm to receive coursework or answer queries.

Blank paper hardcopies of the coversheet are available at your Hub.

uea late coursework submission

Contact the Finance department. Learning and Teaching Service. Llate results of the National Student Survey published on the 12th August revealed that UEA has fallen to th place nationwide amongst all higher education institutions for satisfaction on coursework return times. If an assessment was set for hardcopy submission, you can hand this into the front desk of your Hub.

Coursework – UEA

Your module organiser will inform you if your coursework is to be submitted via this route. How do I know which Hub to hand in the work to? My coursework has attachments 3D items, discs etc. Find out how to request an extension.


Security – Report an Incident. International Students Advice and Support. How do I get a coursework coversheet to hand in with my paper copy?

How should I submit them? Submission Regulations and Guidelines There are University regulations on how coursework is submitted and processed at the university. Essay 1 Type of work: Here is the Academic Appeals Procedure if you are considering this. The idea that statistics mean little sbmission the face of individual cases should also be taken into account.

Submission Guide – UEA

How do I know whether my work is paper or electronic submission? Thursday, May 23, Log an IT Enquiry. Email must be sent after the csv with marks and timestamp have been uploaded this is so the system can automatically read when the work was actually submitted.

Wellbeing Resources for Staff. Log an IT Enquiry. Log into your account. This limit is in place to ensure that the system works efficiently and should be large enough for the majority of coursework assignments. The survey asked full-time, final-year undergraduate taught students across the UK to rank their university against a variety of criteria, including academic, housing and student support.


The reason for this email is that you no longer have a cover sheet to amend to inform the student they have a late penalty. The word count includes: Vision page, each assignment that is set up for hardcopy submission paper has the facility to print off a coursework coversheet. Book a Meeting Room.

UEA performs poorly on coursework return times

Book a Meeting Room. Marks are only finalised during the final Boards and it is a good idea for you to retain your summative coursework throughout your course in case the Board of Examiners needs this to make a decision.

uea late coursework submission

Do I need to put my name on my work? You should check with the person setting the work. How do I apply this to an electronic submission? What can I do? Report an Accident or Hazard.