That is why the doctoral candidate is requested to make available to the faculty 3 extra copies of the dissertation in addition to the copies handed in for the doctoral exam proper: You can use relay envelopes. However, this must not interfere with the other courses planned in these semesters. Grid and layout 7. Thesis format The thesis must be written in English, and should ideally have the format of a scientific publication.

Or show the corporate film of Ghent University: The print of the dust jacket is realised according to fixed style rules use of a fixed font ‘Gill Sans’, fixed position of the title, etc. Oral presentation and defense is organized on J une , , in Ghent Belgium. For all the faculty sub-entities a colour accent is added to the profile picture. Activate your account for the first time. Double click in the header to adjust the text there. Do not use other logos.

All video fragments are available in English or Dutch: Changes afterwards are not possible. Following chapters are expected:. The slides are programmed in the secondary font Arialbecause they are often shared outside of Ghent University.

The Ghent University corporate design is very recognizable via a basic design with blue colour fields. At that moment the production of the dust jackets can be started. Keep in mind all the basic principles: Or show thsis corporate film tyesis Ghent University: Start of the academic year. Information on thesis work within EMBC.


thesis template ugent

Do this in the font Arial size 10 and respect the order as in the Word template. Do you have any complaints about the corporate design printed matter for example: Dare to Think 8.

The corresponding invoices will be sent directly to the doctoral candidate or to his or her promoter, research group, department …. See list of publishers and printing offices who can make a cover in the corporate design for you with professional graphical software.

Guidelines for your dissertation — Faculty of Bioscience Engineering — Ghent University

However, this must not interfere with the other courses planned in these semesters. Download cover course – Ghent University Global Campus. Download the Word template for the letter Ygent and English version together in one zip file.

thesis template ugent

This work has not been presented to any other examination board. Use the slide division to select the different types of slides. The logos of FEA and the departments s concerned can be shown on this page. Contact webmaster Contact administrators. I hereby confirm that I have independently composed this Master thesis and that no other than the indicated aid and sources have been used. It is also applicable for the layout of similar documents, such as notes and doctoral dissertations.


In order to ensure that the fully completed doctoral dissertations including the dust jackets will be available at the time of the public defence of the dissertation, the following timing is taken as templatee starting point:. During thesis work students are focusing on a specific subject for a certain amount of time.

There is a template for the central administration and a template for the 11 faculties. Commercial messages are denied. You can replace the coloured area with a picture if you like. The doctoral candidate is not responsible, however, for the production of the dust jackets.

2. Digital

Preferably, work with graphic designer that can create something unique for you that thesus the Ghent University imagery. Robbrecht en Daem Architects’ on the backside of the dust jacket. Doctor of Civil Engineering: The doctoral candidate is responsible for the production of the concrete book-blocks. Paul Robbrecht “Robbrecht and Daem Architects”: