London, England ; New York, N. This device served several purposes. To paint a small picture is to place yourself outside your experience, to look upon an experience as a stereopticon view or with a reducing glass. The reason I paint them, however — I think it applies to the painters I know — is precisely because I want to be very intimate and human. He is surrounded by common still-life objects, such as a violin and a globe, which double as symbols of sophistication. The Perspective of Experience.

Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat. I thought perhaps if I strategically layered my colors and allowed underpainting to peek through, I might animate my paintings and complicate their final structure. Consider Pendleton West , 9 fig. In order to understand what the commuter residence the secondary home means for the commuting partner and analyze the data collected from respondents, Karsten and van der Klis introduce the concept of the space-place-home continuum. My work explores the concept of home through the visual study of interiors, with a focus on Pendleton West , a shared studio space at Wellesley College.

It is nomadic, decentred, contrapuntal; but no sooner does one get accustomed to it than its unsettling force erupts anew.

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Charles Sheeeler, Home, Sweet Hom me, Cole, Michael and Pardo, Mary. Preoccupied with notions of flatness and vastness, of land, sky, and reopsitory, I recorded some videos while at home, including some of contrails, and was intensely interested in the arbitrary diagonals in the sky fig.

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I think this might be the only work of my mom’s earliest works that held its course, while others ended up lost or in storage. But some will say: This time, before applying the next layer of color, I corrected some of the discrepancies in perspective, used a level to make sure my verticals were straight, and masked my lines for a cleaner finish. I carried this interest back to Wellesley where throughout the spring I took quick cell phone images of contrails passing by fig.


Sheeler is often categorized as an American Precisionist committed to futuristic machine aesthetic. Looking forward, I see multiple ways to rethink my process of interpreting older paintings.

Yet, it was the directness of 36 that allowed a leap forward: Help Center Find new research papers in: The collected works of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Man Writin ng by an Eassel, First I tweaked my photograph digitally, printed it on paper, traced it onto gessoed paper and painted with oils, making Sandorfalva, 2.

Having decided to wipe away some of the color I had laid down, I discovered the frottage effect that the uneven surface of the wall provided when rubbed: London, England ; New York, N.

thesis repository wellesley

I often struggled to find the right shade and tone; I sometimes judged color to be out of place and repainted it multiple times until I found a replacement. I locate home in the studio, and later in painting. I am interested in reconciling spatial drawings that rely welleslley line solely into color paintings: Cow House Studios, 3 fig.

If home is where my family lives — we,lesley, which members of my family? However you paint the larger picture, you are in it. I was thrilled to see the painting nearly life-size, doubling its environment and in my excitement I overlooked some basic issues. The wall happened to be positioned by the windows and chalkboard that my first painting of the project, 9 fig. Yet my ideas about painting were contained and isolated. Karsten, Lia and Van der Klis, Marjolijn.


Faber and Faber, Even if the effect was passingly unpleasant, I rejoiced in the physicality of my painting. The Poetics of Space.

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Even though the canvas surface carries a very thin layer of paint as a result tuesis wiping, I tried to equip my fields of color with more depth by exposing the warm, vibrant yellow underpainting. Guggenheim Museum exhibition Haunted: In the meantime, I contemplated other earlier paintings where I weplesley happy with some sections of the canvas but struggled with unresolved color and compositional issues overall.

Contrails punctuate the sky, arrest the gaze, and invite thought. I lifted a section from Pendleton West35 fig Both offered clues to the process of pausing, of making space a place.

If home is my hometown, then why am I often apprehensive when walking down its main street?