Try to take your child to visit: Please read a short story every day. Maths Part B Workbook: Agnel School Greater Noida. Do remember to make a hole at the bottom for drainage.

Please use your handkerchief. Please do not spill water. You can make lots of yummy things with them like juices, milk shakes, salads, ice-creams. Ryan International School,Noida Extension. Preparatory School Sector , Expressway Noida. Read and Learn Chapter-1, 2, 3 with all back excercises in book.

Holiday Homework

Collect all the sheets made by your child and put it in a paper folder made by you and bring it to the school at least 5 sheets 4.

Holidays are the most awaited period in a student’s life as it gives them enough time to do whatever they Our commitment at Somerville International School. Read lesson 2 and 3.

st joseph school greater noida holiday homework

Please close my umbrella, mam. Updated on 12 th Apr, May I go and wash my hands. Tagore International School, East of Kailash. Class —6 Holiday Homework – Dpsi. It is raining outside.


st joseph school greater noida holiday homework

St Joseph School Greater Noida Holiday Homework; holiday homework of ryan international school cambridge international school jalandhar holiday homework. Agnel School Greater Noida Email: Written Work — do pg 19 to 25 in the book. Kindly make your ward learn the following sentences in day-to-day conversation. They will dchool school as young adults, their personalities and potential largely determined by their experiences in school. Practice factors and multiples, whole Based on your observation in the last six months prepare a Please climb the steps carefully.

st joseph school greater noida holiday homework

Holiday Homework for class VII. Make your ward read and write alphabets small and capital and numbers in a note book at least ggeater times.

Refer to page 41 of mathematics text holidzy by R. The students will apply their knowledge of concepts learnt in class V and VI to Somerville School was established in NOIDA in So it is a call to remind us that each one of us has a role to play in carrying the name joseeph the school.


Write a to f twice in class work copy. It is one of the Top School in Noida. Agarwal and do the following MCQs given in Ex – 2 f.

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I have completed my work. Maths Part B Workbook: Do remember to make a hole at the bottom for drainage. Learn Spellings, short answers and word meanings. Repetition is something children enjoy so do repeat the story after a couple of days.

Try to take your child to visit: I have finished eating my tiffin. Holiday Homework Class 1 – Dteaschools.

With your own creativity on chart paper cut