Another 10 credit module, this exam tests knowledge and understanding of and ability to analyse pension and retirement planning issues. When I set up this site two years ago, I really struggled to find information about how to enter financial advising as a profession. Paraplanning is a profession in its own right but it is also an excellent stepping stone to becoming an adviser as it provides an opportunity to learn the technical side of financial planning without the pressure of sales and searching for clients. A paraplanner provides technical research and support to advisers. Although I got very close to passing missing out by one mark , it would take a few more months of learning to really understand the content enough to answer complex questions that combined various tax topics.

Will you join me? This module is to develop knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry, including regulation, legislation and the Code of Ethics. As a paraplanner I am mostly behind the scenes doing the technical work of financial planning. When is it best to use one and when the other? I was new to financial services when I began reading the text book, and treated the exam as a big quiz. R06 Expected Solution now available for the July exam The Expected Solution is now available for immediate download.

Would you expect the use of paraplanning to grow? The first 5 R0 exams are computer based, selecting answers on a screen stdy your mouse.

R05 — Protection I felt I was on the final straight. Casw on a non-technical level, there are important differences. What you need to know about sstudy new regime for significant management 4. After passing R04 in the summer ofand an entry-level role in a financial planning business, my new employer wanted me to concentrate on settling into my new role rather than exams.


Although he has not worked in financial services before, he has always been interested in marketing and sales which is the life-force of any financial planning practice.

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On reflection I went in for the resit too soon, without giving myself time to review the module content again casr fix the holes in casw understanding. As a client you need the person putting your financial plan together to know the impact of taxes; the ever-changing pension and investing rules and allowances; and which provider is most suitable. Learning and development for financial advisers and paraplanners – Wizard Learning: Another 10 credit module, this exam tests knowledge and understanding of and ability to analyse pension and retirement planning issues.

r06 case study april 2014

News on R06 and customer survey Nov 24, This update covers: In my case I needed to prepare more. I was self-taught and enthusiastic but when my readers came to me for financial advice I could only share my own experiences.

Education for advisers and Paraplanners – Wizard Learning: Study packages for the AF1 to AF4 exams 3. AF5 factfind is available on the CII website from today, so we’ll have to wait and see what the analysis guys make of it. R03 — Personal taxation This module is deceptively difficult. R06 January Expected Solution 3.

The financial and technical monthly update covering areas of interest to financial advisers over January is now available.

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My key for AF5 was to spend a good two or three hours looking in detail at the clients and what their needs were. Writing in quick bullet points is the only way to get as many marks as possible in this exam, which despite being 3 hours, is tight for time. Give yourself a little more time to prepare compared with R What exactly does a paraplanner do and how does it differ from an adviser?


R08 Pensions update assessments Oct 1, We have now added the following R08 assessment package module to our stdy. This module is deceptively difficult. The exam is limited to 4 sittings aprol year but if I wanted to avoid travelling out of York where I live there are only 2 sittings a year: The most common question we are asked more After leaving his Research career he continued to grow this business, but after years of personal investing and fielding questions about the stock market from his friends, and later, hundreds of readers of his online properties, he decided to pursue financial planning as a career.

Candidates get the case studies two weeks before the exam so you can prepare. The attack on the landlord more Video Killed the Radio Star 2.

r06 case study april 2014

There are 30 pages of expert analysis for case study 1 and 38 pages for case study 2, as well as 14 pages of generic information on questions that may be asked. I gave myself a month off in July, and then revised in August aapril September before feeling ready to give the exam a go. Business Evolution Guide more He has drive and ambition.

r06 case study april 2014

R06 — Financial Planning The first 5 R0 exams are computer based, selecting answers on a screen with your mouse.