Video on Work and Power and an example. A question about the total angular magnification of the telescope: Nothing more than a simple convex lens, which magnifies by allowing to focus on an object that is closer than the near point of the eye. Here’s a video that’s a good review of Momentum note – pay attention to the Center of Mass part at the end – it’s not on this test, but IS on the AP exam. Can anyone figure this question out?

Also, find the image size and orientation. A question about the total angular magnification of the telescope: Multiple Blocks in a Row. The way we formulate the angular magnification of a microscope is this: Week of Nov 19 – No new homework, just finish last week’s assignment:


Newton’s First Law Equilibrium Example. Problem Set for equilibrium, forces at angles and inclined planes. Need more info on Free Body Diagram drawing? After doing the following thought experiment, I came to the same conclusion as ZetaOfThree.

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Also, find the image size and orientation. Solutions to today and Monday’s book problems here. We will talk about it more 2nd semester. Rotational Motion Test Monday March 4. Video on Work and Power and an example. Good websites for review: What is an Amp? Week of March Rube Goldberg due Nov 19 progress pix due Nov 12 – Instructions here.


See below – Test will be Monday. Watch this video to see what we did in class, and the examples following it if you need more help.

physics homework #52

Wed – Motion homeworl Worksheetp. Finish Circular Motion simulation by Tuesday. Consider the following cases of farsightedness: I think the problem was resolved for most way before post Momentum Worksheetp. Friday – More Angular Rotational Kinematics examples here.

chapter_27 [Physics at Portland State ]

What if the f number in dim light when the pupil has expanded to 6. A grasshopper on a straw Started by wrobel Mar 12, Replies: How to solve problems with Newton’s Laws and kinematics – start at 3: Assuming the depth of the eye is 2.

Try this one if your computer won’t run the other.

physics homework #52

West High AP Physics 1. Here’s a good video to learn the two-body problems, and another here. The balance scale will tip to the homesork even though the amount of water displaced is the same in each of the beakers and the ping pong balls weigh the same and so do the thread and rod.


physics homework #52

More Vector Review at the “Physics Classroom”. So as the steel ball is lowered into the water, weight is transferred from the spring scale to the right side of the balance scale.

For the eyepiece, we do use the lens formula. Week of Jan 14. This Concept Test for Waves includes Simple Harmonic Motion And here are some other practice questions for AP Physics 1,with explanations – you have to download each Rest of the week – We will be doing classwork every day but no homework!

But then different people find the answer using different methods, and I guess the rest of this thread has been a discussion of the various different methods.

Thursday – Read 7. Here’s a video to review dimensional analysis with squared and cubed unitsand another reviewing how to make stacked graphs.