A Comics Studies Reader. How to concretize this? He then carries on with foot imagery and further discussion of difference, pathways, and exploration. He argues that image is not mere illustration, subordinate to words, but an equal partner and component in thinking. Walter Nickell Nick Sousanis is a scholar , art critic , and cartoonist ; a co-founder of the TheDetroiter.

A Space Odyssey Anthropological insights are not among the suggestions. Retrieved 29 March Centre for Imaginative Ethnography. Heer, J and Worcester, K eds. Comments 0 Be the first to comment. Fiction Free Audio Books:

Unflattening has made several comics of the year thus far lists! In the course of this journey, Sousanis dethrones the primacy of the word in a kind of Copernican revolution. To understand comics is also to make them, to take part in the dance of word and image.

A Comics Studies Reader. Registered company number Spin Weave and Cut. Weaving together diverse ways of seeing drawn from science, philosophy, art, literature, and mythology, it uses the collage-like capacity of comics to show that perception is always an active process of incorporating and reevaluating different vantage points.

The primacy of words over images has deep roots in Western culture.


Unflattening: A review

Abbott ‘s ‘ Flatland ‘: Retrieved 28 March For when we recognize them, we are also able to break them. The red in particular sparkles out from the otherwise predominantly black and white book.

Journal of Comics Scholarship. He then carries on with foot imagery and further discussion of difference, pathways, and exploration. Visual perception not only depends on the eyes but also the positions of bodies that move. Your comment will be queued in Akismet! Square must be enlightened by his encounter with the sphere. Sousanis offers as examples revolutionary insights by ancients e. I was particularly moved by this passage: Poetry Free Audio Books: Print Mag interview with renowned design critic Steven Heller.

One Giant Leap: A Review of Unflattening

University of Mississippi Press, pp. We thus extend our thinking—distributing it between conception and perception—engaging both simultaneously. A Franz Boas Reader. These elements need not be in conflict in order to be dynamic; they can engage in a kind of visual-verbal dance across the page Figure 1.

nick sousanis thesis

Wayne State University Public Relations. Incompleteness reveals that there is always more to discover. The Graphic Adventures of Karen Green”. Journal of Comics Scholarship 5 1: The chapters on seeing and thought presented from different Western perspectives move on to a consideration of the body in motion and then to what Sousanis calls a fifth dimension.


The Shaping of American Anthropology, Click here to cancel reply. Sousanis argues that images are not subordinate to words, but equal partners in the articulation of thought, and that sequential art is a vital scholarly alternative to either visual or verbal communication alone.

nick sousanis thesis

InSousanis accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Calgarywhere he teaches about comics. The Beauty of Inventing a Field. A Review of Unflattening. While words predominate and page numbers organize the flow of information, preliminary sketches for book imagery appear in the margins and as ghostly presences in the background of some pages.