Introduction This chapter presents the analysis of the information obtained during the study. In this theoretical formulation, demand for health is considered to have consumption element utility is delivered from feeling healthy and investment elements sound health enables an individual to participate in economic activities and earn income. A simultaneous equation system was used for the out- patient departments and municipal hospitals. Example research paper learning styles. JC and SM were involved in data collection, analysis and writing. The scheme commenced its operations on 1st July by members and their respective employers starting to contribute. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

This will enable the access to the health care services at a positive and satisfactory manner and reduce some challenges which face rural members in accessing the NHIF services. Alternatively, the government can fund health through CBHIs. Two villages were dropped due to security concerns. FGD participants expressed concerns about how the NHIF functioned, arguing that even when one wanted to become a member, it was difficult since the offices were located at district headquarters, leading to high transport costs. The concept of health insurance is relatively new in Africa, it is hardly well understood and remains unclear how it will function in countries where the majority of the population work outside the formal sector. Communities are the major beneficiaries of UHC reforms.

Support Center Support Center. The findings have demonstrated that there was some level of understanding of health insurance due rfview experiences working with CBHIs, but key concepts and how health insurance functions were not well understood. Other suggestions included setting rates according to income levels in society, ensuring that the rich cross-subsidise the poor; the government should use taxes to fund the scheme and should it be on a contributory basis, the poorest population should be subsidised literrature tax funding.


The NHIF covers about 2.

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Laptop essay in english. Kenya is one of the countries where advanced plans for UHC have been made. Conclusions This study has demonstrated that there was very limited understanding of health insurance in the communities under study, particularly related to the concept of risk- pooling.

Others felt that being a rural setting, people hardly travelled to urban areas, where such information was readily available, and therefore knew very little about health insurance in general and its role in health care payments. This means that CBHIs discriminate against the poor, have significant implications for risk- pooling and sustainability of insurance schemes.

This will reduce confusion of services which are covered and which are not covered by the NHIF its beneficiaries. Additionally, this kind of design allows the collecting of huge amount of data at a short period of time Kothari, Ethical approval was obtained from the Kenya Medical Research Institute protocol no. Memorable trip essay spm.

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All authors read literaturee approved the manuscript. Accessible, Affordable and Quality healthcare services in Kenya: Data for the study was collected in Meru district in Kenya.

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Kiterature World Health Organization. The study areas were the regions of, Shinyanga, Njombe and Tabora, where the general populations of respondents in the study werein which 60 respondents in each region were taken. Is one of the regions of Tanzania.

The majority of household survey respondents A total of households participated in the cross-section survey, which yielded individuals. Should this approach be adopted, the government must be willing to subsidise and support CBHIs to ensure that they are well designed, attract large numbers to allow for risk-pooling and subsidise membership for the poor.


Coffee and tea are the main cash crops and sources of income in both districts.

literature review of nhif

The results indicate that inpatient care was ranked as the number one priority; with The study explores issues related to premium payment levels and other critical design features of a NHIS, but it does not literatute to elicit willingness-to-pay WTP or ability-to-pay explicitly. Many also expressed confidence literatuer leaders of the schemes for proper management of finances and monitoring of healthcare literrature rendered to the members by the accredited providers to ensure that the members are offered quality services.

This would mean forming CBHIs where none exist nationally. To examine the extent to which the NHIF has managed to achieve its objectives. The budget constraint in the model is the discounted lifetime based on time available for work, hence for earning income or leisure.

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At what extent NHIF have managed to achieve its objectives you mentioned above? There is indirect tax… If we are taxed and rebiew is used [for health care] just as it is used to build roads, by the water ministry and for other services, the Ministry of Health should provide free medical treatment using indirect taxes.

literature review of nhif

World Health Organisation, editor. There are any challenges facing you in providing services to rural members? So you can see one has to pay transport to and from. The national health insurance scheme: