Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. The product helped academic institutions abide by regulations governing how physicians interacted with industry. Failure to adequately report potential conflicts of interest could threaten the federally-sponsored grant awards to institutions. Gardner met with his contacts in medical device companies and hospitals to determine their needs. The hospital compliance officers were now facing questions from journalists who were collecting information from pharmaceutical companies and publishing stories about physicians who were making large sums of money from life science companies. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Her mother was a linguistics major who taught English as a Second Language to students seeking to study in the U. Failure to adequately report potential conflicts of interest could threaten the federally-sponsored grant awards to institutions. His father then accepted a job with a pharmaceutical company in France where they lived for 6 years, before moving back to the States. The data was stored in different formats and impossible to join with a simple join key. Cases are not intended to serve as endorsements, sources of primary data, or illustrations of effective or ineffective management.

Kyruus: Big Data’s Search for the Killer App

In the summer after her junior year, she interned at Endeca Technologies, a venture-backed software company specializing in datadriven search and business intelligence for enterprises.

However, it arguably had the most limited upside and some internal executives questioned the kyruu size of this market opportunity. During that time, he reconnected with Julie Yoo, a TA of one of his classes during business school.

kyruus case study

Was the right answer the option that would drive the greatest use of the data by physicians themselves? Just as importantly, the data team had prioritized the ccase and processing of compliance-related information — making this some of the most immediately usable information in the database.


How About Make It Original?

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As his learning curve in medicine began to slow down, Gardner also realized that the best place to pursue his passions may lie at the intersection of business and medicine. First, I became comfortable not knowing everything and even now, as stuvy CEO, I am very open with my team and my Directors khruus what I do well and where I need support. However, the conversations during dinner with his father about the impact of the pharmaceutical industry also implanted the realization that healthcare was broader than just practicing medicine and that physicians could make a difference in many ways.

The product helped academic institutions abide by regulations governing how physicians interacted with industry. Healthcare IT Market There are four stidy pools of healthcare data: Higgins and John Masko.

This was exactly the situation for which he needed such a team.

Higgins is the chairman of the board of directors of Kyruus. We noticed a slew of law firms advertising their services, but there were no companies providing these organizations with data to drive compliant relationship management.

Since inception, the company had gathered information about thephysicians working in the U. People were willing to tell us what they wanted and they were willing to pay a lot for it. Higgins and James Barnett Citation: Kyruus had already kytuus a few products that were well received by industry sales forces, and many on the Kyruus team saw this channel as a potentially very profitable market.

The first step for Kyruus is to enable basic access to and navigation of the information for different stakeholders across the healthcare system.


During the first kyrus of product and market development, Gardner and Yoo had chosen to serve hospital kyruuss in the management of their physician staff. About the Author Robert F. Over the course of her tenure at the company, Yoo was exposed to various industries, but her foray into the field of healthcare was the one that made the strongest impression.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. That had a profound impact on me. The two worked closely over the next year through the acquisition by CVS Caremark. Finance General Management Marketing. Business and Environment Business Cade Entrepreneurship. While there, I did my thesis work in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine, where kyruuw was a great deal of opportunity to commercialize big data solutions for both research and clinical applications.

Studies had demonstrated that physicians often failed to adequately disclose their industry relationships — leaving them exposed to public relations and regulatory risks. However, it was becoming difficult to integrate product, engineering and sales teams across numerous products. Intotal U. It provided data and analytics about physicians to multiple customers e. Yoo described the ideal data caae They noted that Kyruus had just started to develop some real momentum in this area, and the marketing team was developing an entire set of campaigns surrounding the recent AHA endorsement.

kyruus case study