The piece i ordered is beyond beautiful!!!!! In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. City under siege readies to survive another Christmas — New Years deluge Scenic when viewed from a distance, the seductive hill city scattered around…. It is usually obtained from a graceful animal, the kasturi mriga musk deer; Moschus chrysogaster Hodgson, Phylum: Earlier Kasturi was widely used as an aphrodisiac agent as well as Rasayana immunomodulator medicine. It prevents the quick discharge of semen and also increases the coital time.

The musk deer, a solitary terrestrial animal and an endangered species is about cm in height Fig. The feet of musk deer are adapted for climbing in rough terrain. It produced rise of blood pressure in albino rats, which was probably due to peripheral vasoconstriction In Macdonald D ed. Some water is placed on hand Karatal and a very small amount of Kasturi is added to water. Pelea Grey rhebok P. From the earliest times to the present day.

kasturi mrig essay

Newly developed artificial sex stimulant drugs like Sildenafil citrate are very harmful while Kasturi musk offers a natural healthy sexual urge without any deleterious effect 5. The musk deer, a solitary terrestrial animal and an endangered species is about cm in height Fig. Few grains of Kasturi are placed in water, if it remains granular, the musk is genuine and if these melt, the musk is considered to kassturi adulterated.

The musk deer are, however, still placed in a separate family. Aromatic Plants and Aroma Therapy. From the earliest times to the present day. Next article Daru De Hulare shoot on Ridge.


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Kasturi can change the imbalanced Kapha and Vatatwo basic humours of Ayurveda to normal. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Many clinical trials are mentioned in Indigenous Systems of Medicine using musk as a whole.

II, 3 rd ed. Some experimental studies on its stimulant and antisnake venom properties are reported to be promising. In some experiments on healthy mice, presence of naturally occurring antihistamine like substances in musk was observed.

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Kasturi is said to be a respiratory stimulant medicine although no authentic report has been obtained so far. It prevents the quick discharge of semen and also increases the coital time.

In dogs, musk did not bring any change in blood pressure 2. By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month.

Some important properties observed in some experimental studies are described here. It resembles the wssay activity of human tissue extracts which explains that the antihistaminic activity of musk has a stronger command over its b -adreno-receptor stimulating property Kankol Piper cubeba Linn. Musk ewsay are generally shy, and either nocturnalor crepuscular.

कस्तूरी: Kasturi (The Deer)

Kasturi is put inside the soil. The food consists of grass, lichens, leaves and flowers. The body slopes forward, as the hind legs are almost one third longer than the forelegs. Indian spotted chevrotain M.


kasturi mrig essay

Whippomorpha unranked clade Hippopotamidae Hippopotamus Hippopotamus H. After envenomation it was observed that there was a significant reduction of haematuria, local necrosis, bleeding from nose and mouth etc. Both sexes have well-developed upper canines, and in males these grow cm long and protrude from the mouth in a fang-like manner. Musk deer may be a surviving representative of the Palaeomerycidaea family of ruminants that is probably ancestral to deer. But some experimental studies proved the effectiveness of Kasturi against snake venom and if offers a great promise in the field of snake poisoning.

The poachers cut the skin of hunting musk deer and made artificial pod and filled it with blood, liver, barley grains, etc. At the age of 2 kaxturi, musk deer in farms secrete Kasturi. Hippotragus Roan antelope H. Please read our Privacy Policy for details.

Chunekar, Chowkhamba Orientalia, Varanasi Even though I cannot suck in my stomach till the lumbar kkasturi are visible from the front, nor have I stumbled upon that ayurvedic…. The impairment of contraction of smooth muscles induced by different agonists in presence of musk might be due to membrane stabilization