FTTH network in Al-. As the RoF system is considered the future network technology, it has on one hand the capacity to meet the demands for decreasing electromagnetic smoking, wireless traffic, power, noise, cost, and antenna size and, on the other hand, to increase frequency bandwidth, data rate and capacity and eventually improves the spectral efficiency. So far, there have been studies in areas like resource allocation, interference suppression, and multi-hop routing, which are able to lead to energy savings. There are two types of fibre optical cable: There are two general categories of optical fibres: The absorption leads to a loss of the photons, and their energy is transformed into heat. MMFs have a large core diameter ranging from 50 up to mm.

RoF is commonly used for wireless access. The following equation describes the propagation of a monochromatic plane wave through a dielectric medium in the direction z:. I owe great thank to my wife, for her support, understanding and patience during all these years. At the Mobile World Congress this year, a sale of worldwide 1. Under review Empty Page Chapter 1 Introduction 1. From the numerical results we can say that the GPON. PON t width, good m efficiency, h a work [1].

The demand for and use of optical fibre has grown enormously and optical-fibre applications are widespread, ranging from global networks to desktop computers. The setup achieved high data speed, a lowpower budget of The ability to reflect light is determined by the composition of the cladding relative to the core glass. Where M k represents the number of ONUs connected.

The left- hand side refers to fibre attenuation and chromatic dispersion [16] [17]. The relative network cost of an EPON.


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GPON link is dimensioned such that C feeder equals the. The GPON system obtains the ability to deliver extremely high bit rates. This idea of a personal network, in which a user thesia his own communication environment available everywhere, necessitates immense numbers of radio access points to maintain the wireless links and support mobility.

This enables network planners to know the cost required for installing, confi- guring and upgrading GPON resources.

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The length of feeder cables is km, and the length of distribution cables is km, so the total fiber cables length will thrsis km. Mazin Al Noor Author. Communications – Technical Communication Cognitive Radio. The lin k Cost optimiz a U s i.

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Cost o h e total cost o f n umber of ON U between EP O system has b h e feeder net w a l network co s a per is structu r p roject infor m l be explaine d s is illustrated shown in Sec t. Through the SMF, light rays propagate along a single mode or physical path. This Figure shows that utilization. The thesis aims were to: Furthermore, the MMF can be used for the transmission of RF carriers over the modal dispersion limited 3-dB bandwidth [19] [20] [21].

During which I was gpln Ericsson Research, Stockholm as intern working on my master thesis.

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There are two general categories of optical fibres: Acceptance angle of a fibre [23]. It has been planned to use ONTs, one.

The main challenge of wireless access mastet is the vast amount of energy needed to power the base stations. The dielectric constant of a medium is a function of frequency; therefore, different optical frequencies propagate at different velocities through the medium.


Also it can be described as the speed of the signal pulse [16]. ONU can support different applications, therefore distri.

The utilization affects directly the segmentation need in an optical network and this ef- fect on the total network cost [8]. At building a passive optical network, segmentation is.

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Figure 5 shows that the number of PONs grows li. Thus, a message could be spread over a distance of more than km, from one end of the Great Wall to the other, in approximately one hour. The refractive index between the core and the cladding is about 0. Complete system integration, verification and debug on DSP boards. matser

gpon master thesis

From the numerical results we can thewis that the GPON. The data traffic in telecommunication networks has been growing tremendously over recent years, and experts predict accelerating data volumes from today three Exabyte a year to ninety Exabyte per year bywhere an Exabyte is equal to one mster terabytes [1].

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