Bell; ‘Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics’. David Mermin , Ruediger Schack. Studied by students of probabilism but still mysterious and hidden, Sample Space is the home of chance and invisible ‘probability mass’. Third Prize winner in fqxi. The IQbit was obscured beneath the simplified photon parameters 1,0.

The answers show the bit comes from reality it , but unity of Probabilism and Local Reality is found emergent from the IQbit. Submitted to FQXi essay contest, “It from bit or bit from it”. Simply statistically correlating the large sets of results currently produced denies access to the data and cosine curves of density distribution at each detector. Now we’ve hit noise limits implied by his capacity theorem; overcoming noise in one channel needs power, spilling over as noise into another. Often described as the set of all possible outcomes sample space is also an infinite scale hierarchy of many higher order spaces or sub- sets in which variables must be separately enumerated.

Hidden higher order variables exist between integers 0,1, requiring enumeration. In addition, Philip Goyal ‘s talk was also mentioned, which is joint work with Knuth as well.

Local variables then exist of a different type than assumed.

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These intervening results produce QM’s cosine distribution curve. Some Notes on the Rapanui Archaeoastronomy. Probability Theory uses sample space, but it seems it’s full domain and power are essya yet fully understood.


The description above uses the words inequality and correlation for good reason. These spaces are; infinite hierarchical subsets of Sample Space an essential gamblers aid, and the ‘Excluded Middle’ between 0,1 inaccessible to binary systems but irrepressible in logic.

Statistica Neerlandica 66, QM uncertainty applied consistently at detectors before ‘statistical ‘correlations’ reproduces the cosine curve prediction of QM. In information theory brings new views, such as Haykin and Kasko ,viii proposing ‘Probability’ as a sub-theory of fuzzy logic, deriving Bayes’ Theorem via ‘fuzzy subsets’.

Waves are a simple 2D optical research, of waves, particles or surface plasmons xvii xviii. Knuth was invited to speak at the Laws of Nature: Probabilities of any occurrence in an infinite universe are non-zero.

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A ‘universe as a computer’ would exist to find what’s not known not what is. Assumptions that f is physical lead to paradox.

fqxi essay 2013

The assumption used in ‘testing’ ezsay local effects in EPR experiments is that the conditions are the same as the distant case.

Apparent changes observed are changes to physical entities and relationships NOT to any entity called ‘Time’.

History and Philosophy of Physics

Aristotle is a Proper Noun, the definition of which is a unique entity. View Edit History Print. Yet in this vast excluded middle ground lies most of nature and a dichotomy with logic. Knuth at CESS Quantum logic, layered and ‘time stepping’ maths may at least help improve mathematical precision in describing uncertainties in nature. The apparent ‘chaotic’ signals now also found to overcome physical constraints Ren et al xiv seem to show show nature’s insistence on keeping it’s freedom.


Email required Address never made public. New Journal of Physics, 13, This natural place now emerges.

Sylvia WenmackersDanny E. Malus’ Law at Stern-Gerlach polarising magnets also implies asymmetry of charge, an effect not discernible in local phase locked emissions.

Quantum Gravity and String Theory

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Potential may then be seen as the players of a team heading to one point to interact as an entity, representing multiple Huygens spherelets. By John S Minkowski. Toroid spin orbit and axial propagation in time produces a complex helical form. PRA, 87, http: Click here to sign up.