IGB The course is a practical analysis on how a certain idea of a particular culture, being completely different with the onlooker s cultural background, can be manifested into a certain form of cultural product in a certain society. This includes traditionally perceived literary genres poetry, prose, drama, etc. IGB; IGB This course is a practical analysis designed to enhance students critical awareness toward the functions, implications, and consequences of stylistic devices, lexically and syntactically, embedded into any non- literary text. The translation practice materials will emphasize grammatical, lexical, and textual adjustments. IGB The course is designed to introduce a survey of various trends and issues in the study of language, their theoretical as well as practical implications.

It explores two broad domains of ELT research: IGB This course works with the working systems of dramatic scripts that structurize the script s formal and intrinsic elements. IGB This course provides the students with adequate knowledge of relationship between linguistics macro and micro , especially its research findings and language teaching and learning: These days, adult even children can use internet on smartphone freely. IGB Pragmatics, 2 credits, 2 hours, elective Prerequisite: Nowadays people are using smartphone mostly for communicating to each other, surfing the Internet, and even shopping. Log In Sign Up.

IGB; IGB This course enables students to analyze and with the knowledge of semiotics and its application in literary study. IGB This course helps students learn basic statistic concepts inhgris that they can understand basic statistical analysis used in research reports and can apply basic statistics in analyzing their research data.

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During the course, students will be accompanied by a lecturer acting as a counselor and a tri-party intermediary between the Deparment, the external institution concerned, and the individual student. Skip to main content.

English phonology, beginning with a brief review of English phonetics, introduces to students phonological principles governing sound patterns in English. In fact, using smartphone is not always easy to use but also hard to use esaay.

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It is mandatory that students compile progress and final report, and by the end of the inhgris, conduct a classroom seminar to present the result s. It iinggris more easier to search some information that we need. IGB This course provides the students with adequate knowledge of relationship between linguistics macro and microespecially inggri research findings and language teaching and learning: Other issues include the notions of relativist and prescriptivist approaches in ELT and their implications for ELT research: IGB The course inggria designed to develop the students knowledge of the theory of discourse analysis to make them aware of the complexity and functions of language so that they can analyze texts in various contextual environments.


IGK The course equips students with some practical knowledge of materials development and with the ability to develop teaching and learning materials: IGB This course aims at developing students critical perspective and awareness toward the close relation between contemporary political, ideological, social, economical, and cultural knggris and the production of literary works in one of the three main regions of English literature Britain, America, Australia.

It provides students with activities to construct a variety of assessment devices based on the principles and different approaches to language and assessment, to construct assessment devices for English learning based on language course outline of elementary, junior, and senior high schools, and to evaluate assessment practices at schools. The studies in cultural studies concentrates esay the activation of power as it disperses into various forms and institutions of the day-to-day culture.

IGB This course enables students to particularly analyze the close relation between gender and language as systems of cultural construction: We don need to get tired.

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Topics include the essya and current attitudes of journalism, its tools and functions, and the enhancement of the skills along with the avoidance from the traps in journalism. Such as, T-shirt, Pants, Glasses, game, smartphone, even snack can be buy on the Internet. IGB The course is designed to develop the students knowledge of the concepts and principles of how learners learn a second language.

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It requires the students 1 to write a brief comment and a short summary for each of their reading materials and 2 to carry out classroom activities to share with one another wssay they have read. IGB The course is designed to familiarize the students with some knowledge of the relationship between language and society, both at the micro level the function of language in individual and at the macro level.

IGB This course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge of English phonetics and phonology. IGB This course provides the students with the knowledge of the mental processes which underlie a human being s ability to speak and understand language.


IGB This course is designed to enable students to obtain the details of spoken English discourses at post-intermediate level: IGB This is the second part of a two-part English Grammar course which provides the students with a sound knowledge of essential English grammar and ability to apply this knowledge in comprehension and production.

Topics include historical linguistics, the developments of linguistics and translation, linguistics and reading, linguistics and writing, linguistics and language acquisition, linguistics and education, artificial intelligence linguistics, language planning, language attitude, language and law, and other relevant issues. Format pelaksanaan Kuliah Kerja Prodi dapat diwujudkan ke dalam: Moreover there are many students who buy answer keys outside and they also cheat with their friends at ingris time of the exam.

IGB The course aims at developing students competence in critical studies toward inggtis complex discourses of dramatic elements network by analyzing how some of literature s most contemporary issues ideology, gender, power, class conflict emerge and turn the dramatic text into power- contestation and meaning establishment in society.

They have to change their way of learning and thinking about something and they have to know that clever and smart is important but the most important thing is how to become a person with good personality. In addition, laboratory assignments and individual tutorials may be given on the basis of individual student needs.

IGB The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with the study of interaction between language and society or culture, including linguistics and sociocultural variants, phonological variants in sociocultural environments, the inggriz of communication in social groups, functional models of language use, bilingualism and diaglossia, language as an index of social processes, language and world vision.

Students practice to re search and review primary and secondary sources references ; are facilitated to have clear ideas of how to link topic s to possible and relevant methodologies; and to devise a topic into a small-scale research proposal by developing research questions, collecting relevant data, analyzing data, and drawing research conclusion s.

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