For example, STEP technology eliminates the use of paper which promotes environmentally friendly as well. The software comprimise three subsystems these are the Policy Administration, Sales Management and Supplementary Resources which fulfilled many of the company’s requirements, from customer orientated design to barcode technology capabilities, and the ability to support changes in business processes. In , despite periodic investments to upgrade the HP mainframe that hosted the core insurance applications as well as the accounting and management information systems, it still frequently broke down. Notify me of new comments via email. Distributed By Gooyaabi Templates.

You are commenting using your Google account. Accepted proposals were sent for printing at the Computer Services department and then redistributed. Additionally, the HP backup system could only restore the data to the version from the previous day. Income had to throw away all paper records, including legal paper documents. The new system was operational on high-quality platform with multiple servers and communication lines. Office Services would log documents, sort them, and then send them to departments for underwriting. In addition, the IT team found developing new products in COBOL to be quite cumbersome and the time taken to launch new products ranged from a few weeks to months.

Are the problems described in the case likely to stuxy repeated? Filled-up application forms of clients were sent by agents through courier. At the same time, transaction processing for policy underwriting was still a batch process and information was not available to agents and advisors in real-time, resulting in loss of opportunities for cross-product sales. The entire insurance process started with customers meeting an agent, filling in forms and submitting documents.


case study modernization of ntuc income

Their collection incme causes delays of two to three days. For storage, all original documents were packed and sent to warehouses where, over days, a total of 7 staff would log and store documents.

What types of information systems and business processes were used by Income before migrating to the fully digital system? Since data was not captured in real time, various departments did not have up-to-date information.

Case Study 2: Modernization of NTUC Income (pages 105-106)

A real-time hot backup disaster recovery center was implemented where the machines were always running and fully operational. Proposals were allocated to dase randomly.

Time needed to design and launch new products was also reduced significantly. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

A real-time hot back-up disaster recovery center was implemented. The new system was immediately operational on a high-availability platform. How well is Income prepared for the future? In addition, Income also revamped its business continuity and disaster-recovery plans. Income had problems with how they process their insurance because it is very tedious and paper-based.

What were the problems faced by Income in this case? Improvement in System Connectivity: The new system was operational on high-quality platform with multiple servers and communication lines. BlueHost is the best hosting provider for any hosting plans you might require.

Products should be constantly improved and new designs should always be made available. Income is able to provide support to agents, brokers, and customers to do online services regularly. Staff members also enjoyed faster access to information.


Case study: Modernization of NTUC income by Shatha AlMarri on Prezi

This allowed Income to view a summary of each customer over different products and stidy areas. In addition, Income also revamped its business continuity and disaster recovery plans. They have extensive systems felxibility now and they launch an new products directly via eBao system.

COBOL programs were also used which also encountered technical failures. Accepted proposals were sent for printing at Computer Services and then redistributed.

Lack of flexibility, poor connectivity to the Internet, costly hardware and software maintenance, lack of hardware support, and frequent breakdowns of the mainframe that would bring operations to a grinding halt were some of the problems faced by Income due to the legacy system.

Income had to train employees who had been accustomed to working with paper to use the eBao system and change the way they worked. When a system breakdown did occur, work had to be stopped modernziation data was restored.

In one of the hardware crashes, it took several months to recover the lost data.

case study modernization of ntuc income

Distributed By Gooyaabi Templates. At the same time, development of new products using the COBOL is quite modeenization and took weeks, even months, to accomplish.