Information and experience Menu openen. In addition you will follow course units in business studies, management and logistics. The work pace in the first year is generally high and the courses contents demanding. Proof of English proficiency is required: In this way, you will be able to combine technical solutions with entrepreneurial skills. Internship Master Chemical Engineering.

Example course units in the Process and product technology specialization are: A lot of our courses include learning communities, which include a lot of project-work and cooperation with your fellow classmates. ABB Lotte van Hezewijk Perfect balance between basic business administration and technical detail Read more. Internship Master Chemical Engineering. You will be issued a study advice at the end of your first year of study. Internship Industrial Engineering and Management.

You do not have to wait until the application deadline to apply. A photocopy of the page s of your passport with photo, your name, date and place of birth and expiry date of the passport.

Application and admission

Towards an integrated process for reliability analysis. An extract from the population register uittreksel gemeentelijke basisadministratie bedrijjfskunde GBA of recent date max. The people at IEM are very enthusiastic and the students and lecturers enjoy working together.


bachelor thesis technische bedrijfskunde

Founding maintenance performance measurement on managerial maintenance decision making. Choice of degree programme check The degree programme will organize a matching procedure. You can get as involved as you want; some students drop in occasionally for a coffee, others join every get-together and excursion. A scenario analysis for optimizing total relevant network cost from external suppliers to regional warehouses. Simon van Nieuwpoort Nearly all students of Industrial Engineering and Management join Lugus, which now boasts more than members.

Master’s thesis Industrial Engineering and Management. Please contact your study advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions about the Binding Study Advice system.

Academic Advisor For questions regarding the programme sciencebachelors rug. Master’s thesis Operations Management and Logistics second supervisor.

bedrijfskundee An internship is currently integrated in the Master’s degree of IEM. The Design of a Logistic Support System. Life cycle cost analysis of a fuel reduction project for AGVs in a container terminal.

Jacob de Olde IEM Groningen offered me the perfect balance between basic business administration thesix technical detail. ABB Lotte van Hezewijk Because of your business training, you can quickly find work in management positions.


Bachelor thesis technische bedrijfskunde

Applications are evaluated on a continuous basis. Integrating spare parts with level of repair analysis. Julia van Dorsten Edwin van Heusden A lot of our courses include learning communities, which include a lot of project-work and cooperation with your fellow classmates.

bachelor thesis technische bedrijfskunde

Master’s graduation project Industrial Engineering and Management second supervisor. Practical matters Menu openen.

With a Dutch BSc Degree

Zhe Chuan Ooi I get to attend guest lectures at partner universities and also see some of the cities. There is an online questionnaire. The degree programme may invite the prospective student for an additional interview.

This makes for a very varied programme, so it’s good preparation for the varied labour market! John van den Heuvel Your technical know-how and your management insights will prepare you for jobs where technology and management meet.

The Groningen science and engineering programmes stand out for their academic excellence.