Despite all her efforts she cannot live a normal life in her new motherland until she comes in terms with her historic motherland. Your email address will not be published. They do not know about all changes which happened to her during 15 years of her absence and perceive her as the same person she used to be the day of her departure. Anil is not mature emotionally. Anil and Sarath, a man who represents the authorities, try to find out the identity of the man burned and buried on the place of ancient funeral.

Following Levinas, ethics is understood to transpire in the corporeal relation between individuals. I do not propose these associations as an ideological truth, but instead as tools which allow a clear exploration and comparison of the novels through a modern-postmodern lens. Your review has been posted. Some features of this site may not work without it. Phone ext Email ucresearchrepository canterbury. Anil names this body “Sailor”:. Identity is a major theme in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost.

All people Anil meets on her way are affected by the war and all of them are unhappy. Forum General Fiction Poetry. Anil feels awful that Sailor does not have a name so she disregards the fact that he, being dead, has no control over his identity.

Years spent away from her motherland have changed her a lot. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

anils ghost thesis

Anil has mixed feelings after coming back to her motherland. All her journey and actions in Sri Lanka become a reflection of her inner search and her attempts to come in terms with her past and make it an integral part of her present life. Anil’s Ghost by Michael Ondaatje is a book about identity.


Alongside the implicit criticism of Western epistemology, the novel mounts a critique of the universal human rights discourse and suggests that an ethical approach to the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka is preferable to a political solution imposed from the outside. While he makes at attempt to identify the name of the person killed she pursuits two goals — she wants to prove illegal actions of the government who kills its own citizens, and she also wants to find her own true self.

Degree Name Master of Arts. Anil even refuses to be defined as a Canadian.

Ethics of the real : Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost and the touch of the world

Palipana is a man who only addresses another person by a physical gesture. Moreover, the author manages to illustrate the effects of the war on gyost example of ordinary people. Anil feels that she is no longer connected to her native country and its roots. Anil lives in two worlds but does not realize this. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

anils ghost thesis

Attempts to distinguish the identity of this man who was killed by the authorities represent an ability of people to resist the despotic and pressing regime. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is an unofficial war, no one wants to alienate the foreign powers. On the other hand, it becomes evident that in reality everybody who lives in this country is engaged in the warfare and war affects all people.

Later in Anil’s life, she divorced her husband, a controlling and jealous man who limited her freedom. Moreover, she has almost forgotten her anlis tongue.


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He refuses to address anyone’s identity. Secondly, Anil spends the whole book working with Sarath trying to identify the body of ghodt burn victim found in a government owned.

The ghost from the title of the book is that ghost from the past which does not leave Anil in her present life. Every side was killing and hiding the evidence. Despite all her efforts she cannot live a normal life in her new motherland until she comes in terms with her historic motherland.

Essay on Anil’s Ghost by Michael Ondaatje

Her relationship was wound tightly that Cullis never ghlst any control over her, and according to Anil, her identity. Anil is certain that this body could prove the government’s malevolent actions in the current war in Sri Lanka.

They still perceive her as a good swimmer whom she used to be 15 years ago before leaving the country.

anils ghost thesis

This variation is, seemingly, attributable to the contrasting period in which each novel is set: The very name of the novel is symbolic. She enters anil water ungracefully with a belly flop to which Sarath says “Ah, a professional. Degree Grantor University of Canterbury. So the war, to all purposes, is over.