I want my actions to be more data-driven. Might I suggest a new title: I think the usage here is correct. It is rude, but this happens a lot, especially at smaller startups. I think you are on the right track here.

This discussion is closed. We created some scenarios and we wanted to see some writing samples, how would someone respond to those scenarios or those customers. I sort of picked up on that. Many companies request that students send them a link from our site as part of the application process…which is about the coolest way for us to build critical mass. Then we tried on Craigslist and we tried on indeed. Charlie Morss on 01 Jun In a past life, I crafted the web at Threadless and interviewed people far smarter than me.

But an actual quote.

37signals cover letter

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The full letter can be found here. All I want is some indication that someone has read the posting, and that they comprehend what we’re looking for.

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Andy Atkinson on 02 Jun They share stories of people they meet. Maybe there’s a strategy here: I was like where are you looking?

37signals cover letter

Just think of the term: I think at that point where we brought someone in. I mean, what do you care whether they put a space in between the seven and the S or they lower case it or not?

37signals cover letter

And, I was especially astonished how bad it was from some of these things from indeed. The names and logos for Campfire is a trademark of 37signalsLLC. Do the research, write well – and go get hired! I was just astonished how bad it was. That’s certainly the case for many industries, but not ours. This is seriously all it takes. I know it sort of seems like a petty thing.

Effort in the Application: sites that got our attention and got Basecampers their jobs

When I’m hiring, I only look to the cover letter to determine whether the candidate is personally interested in the job, not whether they’re qualified for it. Sometimes that project is just a few hours a week because the candidate already has a day job. Literally decimating the pool would mean eliminating 7 applicants: It is not like you are all thorough and no urgency or all urgency, no thoroughness but getting a sense of where somebody falls on a spectrum is pretty helpful.


To me, it just shows a level of detail. They don’t stand out at all. That’s definitely not good for us — and it’s not good for a biz-dev person’s career, either. The first thing I noticed in this cover letter was how much language was boilerplate.

Cover Letter Examples For Email, Resume & CV – Edition

But all questions aren’t equal. Sometimes, people can look great even in the sort of the work they’ve done beforehand or what their reply 37sinals your question is like. Nick applied to 37signals out of the blue, thinking it was a longshot.

JF on 20 Dec Or how would you tell the customer that we don’t offer this but we offer that? How do you know if you really need someone?

Trevor Turk Programmer was working lettter a contractor during a short stint in London when he came across a programmer job posting on our blog.